Drivestar Shuttle Systems LTD.

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  1. Swiftey

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    Jul 10, 2011
    Heres a quick little blurb about this particular drive away service company. Having got my A-Z license here in ontario they were the first people that hired me flew me down to texas and i started driving piggy back loads of 3 to 4 new freightshakers back into ontario. Now i dont really care that i didnt get any sort of training, i didnt want any and have got along much better without it. However after having worked here for 3 months and 8 days when this is posted I am now 4th in senority for their pigyback load division, I have seen more drivers quit in the last 3 months than ive seen in my lifetime in any of the industry's i worked in. As soon as my contract is up mid febuary im gone or maybee beforehand, Ive been thru mountains snow, east west coast north and far south with loads that are more challenging than a normal trailer so im hopeing getting hired at a normal logistics based trucking company wont be an issue

    Anyways a few main issues is their recruiter lies more than ive ever seen, outright blatant lies just to get you to stick ur head in the door, the pay is crap as an independant contractor which makes more money than the company drivers i got all of 2k to 3k a month max and that was running a whole month nonstop with maybee 1 day at home. The ######## you have to deal with when you un piggy back the loads is ridiculous. and you just get paid a basic flat rate which is only worthwile if it takes you 1-2 hours to un piggyback 4 trucks, (that never happens)

    they have two dispatchers for nearly 100 drivers and on top of normal responsiblities they have to juggle transportation of drivers once delivered to their next truck via planes busses rental cars. A hell of a work load for the poor guys and you end up spending more time on hold than talking to your dispatchers.

    loads of wait time with little to no compensation, as well as your pay is ###### up every #### time, forgetting to reimburse you for stuff or add stuff they should be etc.

    Oh and if theres any damage on a truck that happened along the way guess whos pocket it comes out of... yours, even if its a #### stonechip you cant controll.

    bassically dont ever ever work at Drivestar, and from what ive heard most driveaway service companies, they make Swift and Werner look like fantastic places to work.

    Now dont get me wrong, initially i enjoyed my time there even though all the quitting people were telling me to get out etc. different trucks every time, driving from east to west north to south seing it all, it was fantastic, but now ive come to realize how crappy it really is. took me a while to smarten up and listen to the advice of the seasoned truckers who quit after 1 week or two.

    hope this helps, some of the main compnies to avoid from what ive been told are autotruck, unimark, and drivestar. and aparently global out of montreal is pretty bad too
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  2. Swiftey

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    Jul 10, 2011
    okay i lied it wasnt a quick little blurb :p
  3. Injun

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    May 15, 2010
    West o' the Big Crick
    Like your user name. Heh...
  4. Swiftey

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    Jul 10, 2011
    :) not to be confused with "Swift" Just a nickname ive had since i was 10 lol. If i run for someone in the future who allows it, I'm totally getting it put on the drivers door.
  5. casc1

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Your first clue should have been the " independant contractor" crap, if the company does not hire you as an employee you have to know the independant stuff is just to screw you down the road. As well the legality of the " independant contractor " is in question by revenue Canada, you may not be as independant as you think.

    Start standing up for yourselves and if the company you apply to as a "driver" wants to only hire you as a contractor tell them to bugger off and walk out.
  6. Swiftey

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    Jul 10, 2011
    Indeed Casc1, I've certainly learned my lesson. As bad as they are, I am happy to have gotten my rookie exp there instead of at a newbie company.
  7. Myyshorty

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    Dec 2, 2011
    Lorain, Ohio
    Thank you! They just called me and said they are in need of 300+ drivers!
  8. pdizzle

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    Nov 20, 2011
    they recruit at my school in Halifax.
  9. Prairie Boy

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    Nov 18, 2010
    Edmonton, AB
    Is Jimmy Johnson involved in that company?? Or Fulton Neal???
  10. paul 1052

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    Oct 9, 2010
    Sand Springs, Ok.
    That's why you NEVER hire or lease to a company without talking to several people currently doing the job you think you want.
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