Driving and covid-19

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    Nice in what way?

    The only real concern with this virus is for the hospitals and getting enough equipment to handle a huge spike in cases. That is the main reason for all the lockdowns.

    It really is not that much of a concern for the average person that might get infected.
    Most are mild cases and some have no symptoms at all. It is only people that are very old or have other problems that are most at risk.

    There is so much disinformation out there causing more fear and hoarding than is necessary.

    People wearing masks to protect against the virus when those masks do nothing to protect them, for instance.
    If you are infected, wearing a mask may protect someone else if you cough or sneeze. But it will not stop you from breathing in the virus. Even less effective is a scarf covering your face.
    Get real, people.
    Stop the panic response.
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    I'd have to think being in a truck would be one of the safest places, until you got out. It's got to be nice with no traffic. As far as face masks and sand hanitizer, it's a mental thing. People feel they are at least doing something, even though, I heard those things do nothing but make you mentally feel better.
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    You can still breathe it in. But the hand sanitizer will prevent you from getting it on your hands and then getting it into your system when you pick your nose.

    My sister and her husband are both in health care. They are on the front lines fighting this thing and trying to help people.

    She said its a very painful virus to get. Amd those that die from it drown in their own mucus.
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    The problem with this virus is that it is extremely contagious and while it is true that most people will easily get over it there are those that will die from it. The numbers worldwide vary greatly as to the percentage of people dying. In Italy, for example, currently about 10% of those that contact the virus are dying. In South Korea and USA it is closer to 1.5%. Those may sound like small numbers but the potential is for millions of people to die. The truth is, this is so contagious that we likely all will eventually get it. What we are trying to do is to slow the spread so as to not overwhelm the healthcare system. The primary reason that Italy has such a high death rate as compared to South Korea and USA is that their healthcare system is overwhelmed. Lets hope and pray ours does not get that way.
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    I don't necessarily disagree, however it seems to me that what is cause for concern is up to each individual to decide for themselves. When you say "it really is not that much of a concern for the average person," this statement is demonstrably false. We can debate whether or not one should be concerned, or to what degree they should be concerned. As far as their actual concern, you have almost no influence with respect to it, and it seems to me that most people are motivated by fear. Fear is an emotion and emotions are inherently irrational and not necessarily connected to reality. I find it amusing that we so often try to ascribe logic and reason to peoples' motivations for taking a particular action, when most of what we do is motivated by emotions and feelings.
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    The 1.5 percent number for the US is too high. The actual number will be significantly lower. Most people that get the virus have either mild or no symptoms. They are not seeking medical care, and are therefore not counted. The official count only includes people that were tested (obviously).
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    Naturally, rural areas will fare much better. While many in Colorado folks are freaking out, ( paranoia due to legal weed?)and I know the deaths are someones loved one, but in my town of 5,000+ people, there have been 5 confirmed cases, no deaths so far, most elderly from a local nursing home. That comes out to 0.1 percent of our town, not exactly falling over in the streets. In a state with 5.7 million people and 27 deaths, I'm sorry, I don't think the panic is justified. Now they say, New Orleans is the new epicenter, because these pigs had to celebrate Mardi Gras at the worst possible time. Italy too, they had to attend some stupid soccer match, PACKED stadium, again with many already affected. I worry about my family in populated areas, and it won't take long for desperate people to figure out, our local Walmart still has TP. Common sense, if any left, is the best prevention.
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