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    Jun 20, 2024

    If this isn't one of thee worst companies to take your personal information to like Social Security #, Medical Card Information, Home Address and CDL. I've had enough of these fraudulent, foreign companies, who make false advertisements to get you in the drivers seat. A company like this has lied to the point where you recognize that the industry isn't so bad.

    Yea, I've heard of brokers playing with your money, but when you notice your dispatcher using software to change the actual rate and giving the incorrect drop times and due dates for your loads, this is an even bigger issue that American drivers are dealing with. My pockets feel that wayyy too much of my money has been sent over sea's and returned home by a bunch of none english speaking foreigners who arrive only to scamm and rip us off time and time again.

    My ELD also said 17 hrs last Friday. How did it jump to a 70 hour clock on last Saturday Morning hmmmmm?

    When was the last time you as a driver stayed away from home 4 weeks at a time and received a $300 check once you returned to work after you 4 days of hometime?

    So, I figured it out. A majority of these companies will send you where they want you to go for a load. These companies pick and choose loads to balance out fuel prices and wear and tare on their vehicle no matter if you're a company driver, company 1099, lease purchase driver, or a owner operator in most cases. Sitting for days after a 12 hr run is completed to drop off your load, but you cant drop it off because you dispatcher has agreed with the broker of a due date set when they wanted you to drop it. Im unsure of why this company even bothers messing with your ELD when there's a 90% chance that you will sit from Friday - Monday.

    This company EFROS GROUP LLC had an advertisement of $2,000 a week. So far the only deposits I've received were $300.00 $395.00 $1,180.00 $925.00 $1,231 and a $1,355 check. This company used an excuse saying I received a $300.00 check because I went home. This is complete BS to say to a OTR driver who's readily available to drive and who has stayed away from his family for 4 weeks at a time. EFROS GROUP LLC say's you agreed to 30% of the load and this is correct, but where did the amount of $2,000 weekly on the advertisement come from is my question. I've spoke to two other drivers who say they've received $300.00 checks also, but they've been at this company for 6 + months. I ended the conversation with them right at that moment. I guess their driving record is horrible right?

    This company is disgusting. I had a trailer with rotten potatoes in it and all they said was sweep it out and open the vent. I told them there were certain area's that couldn't be reached. They said go to the shipper and see if they reject you. Lmfao, sure enough I got rejected and had to go to Blue Beacon were they actually admitted to having an account the whole time.

    Please stay away from this company. This company will surely lead you and your family into deeper financial troubles. Being on a 1099 with companies like this will make you regret not staying home driving a trash truck every day with taxes already taking out.

    GOOD LUCK.....
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