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    Stay away! EXP Logistics is the current incarnation of an outfit that started over ten years ago in Chattanooga by the Limerick family. They glommed onto a larger outfit (XRG Logistics) creating a network of small companies that could interchangably run freight in the eastern US. After a few years, they bought that company and a few years later dropped all the other companies in the network and operated independently as an "NON asset" trucking company (meaning they owned none of their rigs, they bought trailers, then contracted with owner operators to pull them hauling freight from TN based shippers mostly to the TX/OK areas). They were Express Freight Inc (EFI) Express Transportation Inc (ETI) and Express Freight Systems Inc (EFS). As Express Logistics (EXP Logistics) they resurfaced again after about a year in the shadows. They had been sued numerous times by shippers, as well as the companies they leased trailers and tractors from. Each time they would go dark then pop up with a new name but at the same Wauhatchie Pike location.
    I was hard up. My last company (AAX) had gone bankrupt owing me almost 5k in back pay and though I did not like the look of EXP, they were local and I figured I could maintian a few months work with them until I found something better - at least if I bailed, I wouldn't be at some truck terminal a thousand miles from home.
    They told me they were just instituting a new plan to hire company drivers at 32cpm as they had new contracts with Bowater Paper in Tennessee. They were almost all contractor at that point. I would drive a rented, not leased, tractor. Renting for less than 30 days apparently puts them in a different insurance bracket and allows them to maintain their standing as a "NON asset based" trucking company (basically as brokers).
    Shady all the way around and I ended up paying for it. First was the unfortunate accident which was minor, but cost me my job, then was their refusal to pay me my earned wages, and finally was their choice to fight my claim in court with a counter claim saying I was negligent and responsible for the damages in the accident.
    The details since then are thus :
    My 15 years safe driving caught up to me and while in Dallas a pickup in front of me reacted to traffic in front of him by coming to complete stop. I slammed on the brakes and halted a dozen feet behind him. Meanwhile, in the trailer, I was hauling 'bag in a box' bulk liquid containers that the shipper had loaded with a single pallet in the nose. The forward momentum of 38000 pounds against the single pallet caused it to shatter, the bag to burst like a water balloon, and the rest of the freight shift forward to the bulkhead causing my stopped rig to surge forward, into the back of the stopped pickup. No damage to my tractor, a dented bumper to his truck, no injuries, no ticket, but a big spill of 275 gallons of cooking oil.
    After a drawn out week a team was sent to Dallas and one of them drove me and the truck back to Chattanooga. I was fired per the insurance company but I was also not paid, even for work done before the load shift accident. I sued EXP in civil court for wages they refused to pay. After several delays, they counter sued for damages due to " driver negligence". They lost and were ordered to pay me my backpay.
    They have not paid me.
    The court date was two months ago. I have been working for Ryder Logistics since December and just ran my DAC only to find that EXP has falsely claimed that A) there was an injury in the accident and B) that it was a DOT recordable accident. There was no injury, no disabled vehicle, no citation, and per Dallas PD rules, not even a traffic report. Dallas PD, Texas DOT, and Dallas FD (cleanup) were all on scene and none issued me a citiation.
    So I now have to figure out how to get them back to court to pay me what the court ordered and seek compensation for their false report to Hire Right.
    ANY O/O considering working for this outfit has now been put on notice that you have been warned. Their equipment (trailers) are not inspected, are not maintained, and their office will not support you in any way. The ops manager, a hag by the name of Ruthi H (wife of Charlie, thier maintenance guy who writes bogus annual inspection reports on the trailers and wont put on good tires telling drivers to "run 'em til they blow') will lie in front of a judge. I got her three times with my evidence countering her false claims. They probably spent $5000 in lawyer fees to avoid paying me $1400 in wages and had ALREADY filed the false employment information with Hire Right.
    If I have ever been tempted to be Charlie Bronson and seek revenge against anyone, it is now. They haul for Bowater in Tennessee and backhaul crap from Texas. I can't get a lawyer interested because there's no money in it for a lawyer and I can't pay thousands in legal fees as the state of Tennessee does not allow compensation for legal fees as part of a civil suit claim.
    The company is run by the corrupt Limerick family and I have filed complaints with the BBB as well as ripoff reports and can't tell you how ticked off I am that I was in such a money bind that I had to go to work for these crooks.
    I could not afford to file a second claim against them and guess I will have to back track and appeal again to some of the lawyers I spoke to about representing me in some sort of libel action.

    Can't say it loudly enough, O/Os do NOT do business with these people. Not only will they do nothing for you, but will go after you for ANY expense. I wish I had a way to lobby their clients and take business away from them but I need to concentrate on getting my career back on track and may just have to bite my tongue, swallow my pride, and let them get away with it. A 15 year career has been derailed by TWO crooked companies within one year, AAX and EXP.
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    I've been leased to exp for nearly 2 years and Ruthie has been very good to me, they even helped me out when my truck went down and I didn't have enough money to fix it. I agree that their trailers are not in that great of shape, but I have no major complaints with them, but that could change tommorow, that's trucking
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    I have been with EXP for three years. I dare say that this hype this so called 15 yr veteran is laying down is BS. I agree we have old trailers but they fix anything I turn in to them no questions asked. On ripoff reports.com this guy tells his story and I rebute him because his story does not sound plausible. Even here he tells his story with more detail such as load was damaged..vehicle he hit was damaged, apparenyly fire dept. Had to clean up spill. Terminated because insurance cancelled him. Could that have been because he didn't take post accident drug test...This company is no different than any other. Most all companies now have drivers sign that they will be charged for damage and negligence on their part. Yes sir, consider yourself lucky you were not cited. Failure to maintain control of your vehicle is a reportable accident. Not an incident. Do you or do you not know that a person can come forward with injuries after an accident? Quite possibly even after you were working for Ryder. You don't know really if this was DOT reportable or not. Oh and by the way..the rentals are not for 30 days. They are long term which is why company name is on the doors of all 20 rental trucks they have. You are not a very knowledgeable 15 year veteran. Since your facts here do not support your statements on ripoff how about telling us more.
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    Chattanooga, TN
    and now EXP is continuing their blacklisting of me.
    So lets recap
    1) they refused to pay me money owed after a minor accident where they fired me
    a) I sued them in court and won a settlement
    b) they refused to honor the court order
    c) I again filed action in court, this time against their payroll bank
    d) 6 months later, I got my money
    2) they filed false information on my DAC several months after the accident but AFTER I filed the civil suit against them
    a) I went thru the appeals process with HireRight
    b) HireRight requested EXP to show evidence of their claims against me (that it was a DOT recordable accident with injuries)
    c) EXP was unable to back up their false claims
    d) HireRight corrected my DAC and removed the information
    3) NOW, EXP has falsely reported to a potential employer that I REFUSED the post accident drug test
    a) I have contacted the medical clinic that performed my post accident drug test and they have faxed the info to my potential employer

    Bottom line, EXP has been, is, and will always be, a low-life lieing POS company.
    I WISH I could remove my 3 week employment with them from my DAC, but that is not possible. There is no other source of information
    ANYWHERE to show I was ever involved in an accident and it is not even listed on my DAC where EXP lists my service as "satisfactory".
    If anyone knows of a lawyer who might consider helping me sue them for continued interference with my livilihood via libelous actions, I would like to confer with them.
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    Feb 19, 2006
    Chattanooga, TN
    you continue to raise issues that show your ignorance of the facts. There is no mandated post accident test for a DOT non-recordable accident. The post accident test was requested 8 hours after the incident by Ruthi on behalf of the insurance company. I DID take that test.
    There was no "failure to maintain control" of my vehicle as I came to a complete stop behind the other vehicle without making contact. That fact was told to the responding officer by the man whose pickup truck my rig rolled into as a result of the load shift. I DO know that the other driver did not come forward with a later injury claim. I don't know about "most all companies" (how wonderfully informed you are that you do) but EXP did NOT have me sign any waiver in regard to freight damage/loss or anything to do with negligence. If you could comprehend what I have written, you would know that even the Hamilton County judge dismissed EXP's counter claim that I was responsible due to negligence and found IN MY FAVOR. DOT recordable has three parts 1) an injury or 2) a disabled vehicle as a result of the collision or 3) the driver was cited by police. NONE of these things happened thus it is not a DOT recordable accident. Somehow, the fact that a judge and a Texas sheriff AND the Texas DOT officer on scene all agree with that, is not enough for you. And I was the one who went to Hertz, TWICE, to RENT the tractors that I drove. They WERE for thirty days, they were NOT leased. Hertz provided stick-on decals for the doors with the EXP name and DOT number per DOT regulations. John Limerick himself explained the difference between leasing creating an asset for the company that changes their tax and insurance standard, and the 30 day rental. So you can take that up with him. My facts here are the same as presented at RipOffReport. You are pretty much a two post shill for EXP. And now, another driver, this one an O/O has also filed a RipOffReport about the company. But hey, we are all just not-very-knowlegeable truckers while you know all. I am not worthy.
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    Feb 19, 2006
    Chattanooga, TN
    There has been another driver, this time an owner operator, who has also posted his experience with EXP on the RipOffReport. His issues were also in regard to pay and poor trailer maintenance. The big news in his report however, is that EXP (aka EFI, ETI, EFS) has once again changed names. Seems they do this every couple of years to make it harder for drivers or potential clients/vendors to learn of their shady business practices. The are now DIAMOND Transport. Same number, same address on Wauhatchie Pike (though the building has been for lease for a while now, wouldn't surprise me that they have defaulted on rent), and same crooked family, the Limericks, running the shell game. So a quick search of DIAMOND Transport finds that even though the change is recent, they are already racking up an impressive number of violations at roadside inspections. New boss, same as the old boss : www.quicktransportsolutions.com/inspectionreports/diamond-transportation-inc-usdot-765484.php

    I also just looked up more about Diamond Transport - seems EXP may have bought another small exisiting company as this is now registered in Jasper, TN but I notice the phone number is EXPs. Another driver reported that EXP had filed bankruptcy, but I find no info supporting that. They are involved in another civil litigation with the owner of a local towing company. Here are the safer numbers : www.safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/query.asp?s...aram=USDOT&query_string=765484&Go.x=13&Go.y=8

    For the EXP shill (King of the Road, yeah, right) below who also posted a lame defense of EXP on the ripoffreport in response to my submission, who claims there is nothing wrong with EXP maintenance : explain this : http://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS/Data/BASICs.aspx?enc=CNZe4+SsmYZMdW145uBp2w== (here's a quick run down - clamps, brakes, lights, sliding pin mechanism, air leak, bad tires, and that is page 1 of 10.)

    And finally, also from the safer pages : "NOTE: This Carrier has no current Operating Authority with FMCSA"
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