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    Hi I just wanted to know if US Xpress requires a 40 hour refresher course to be completed before being hired because I got my CDL in 2008 and haven't used it since then. Also I had to have the K restriction put on my CDL for intrastate only because I don't have a valid medical card. Does US Xpress have a in house doctor that does physicals to have the medical card and long form issued and to have the K restriction lifted,or would I have to get a physical here first and go to a Secretary of State facility here before I go? One more question, I live in Schaumburg,IL and the Markham terminal is only about a 40 mile drive away,would I go there for orientation or somewhere else? Thank you.
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    FFE (Frozen Food Express) has their own inhouse refresher course and has a terminal in Chicago. You can get a physical through their doctor.
    Their full cdl school is at Prairie College in Chicago, but you probably don't need the full school.

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    Yes they do have a in house doctor(Shippensburg PA terminal has a doctor in Orientation building)if there a problem they will at least give u a 3months medical card to give u time to solve issue. Yes u will most likely have to do a full retraining phase which to my memory is 70 hours driving and two weeks teaming with the trainer(I stop being a trainer there a year ago so I could be way off as far as training hours)US Xpress was a ok company better than my previous companies. Good Luck
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