Frozen airlines?

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    Dec 24, 2009
    My truck airlines are partially frozen. It is 21 below where im at. Is there anything I can do trouble unfreeze them. My trailer is fine I put some methanol in the red glad hand and it has no problems. My lift axle on my truck will not build air pressure and I have a guage in my truck for how much my drives weigh which has always been correct and its showing that I weigh about 5k less than I know I weigh because I drive tanker and load myself. I believe my guage is wrong because my airbags aren't inflating enough and like I also said my lift axle isn't building pressure. I don't believe there is really anywhere to put break antifreeze or anything for the truck is there? Just the trailer? Sorry if this is long and hard to understand, im posting this from my phone. Any help would be awesome
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    The easiest way is in the air line coming off the compressor, it is not the best way as your air dryer will keep alot of the methanol from going into the system but it is the easiest when out on the road.
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