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  1. archangelic peon

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    Dec 15, 2011
    ATTEMPTING to put in an application for city PU/DEL in Baton Rouge,LA, but the idiotic online form keeps crashing halfway through & there are no options to save application anywhere along the line besides the most basic of inputs on the account settings.

    Anyone else have this issue/fix?

    Also, it lists "Grade: DRF" on the position details - is this referencing pay/position type/etc?

    Does anyone have the pay sheet for that area for both city & road positions?

  2. archangelic peon

    archangelic peon Medium Load Member

    Dec 15, 2011

    After wasting ANOTHER 1.5hrs on restarting application 3 more times, I finally got to the end & submitted successfully.

    Absolute garbage system that doesn't let you save ANYthing at ANY point except what your browser chooses to remember - which doesn't include the biggest time users: the open box paragraphs for every little detail of every thought/action you have ever had/done.
    Even better, they have a "clear" & "close" button right near the "next" & "back" buttons that you use continuously to advance down the 40 something page application.
    The close one got me & yep, you get to start over.
    If you accidentally hit the "back" button on your Android phone - yep, you get to restart.
    If you switching apps to look for documents with your info to enter, the browser may just decide to refresh the webpage when you switch back to it & yep, you go to start again.
    (You can use split screen mode successfully though)
    Think using a regular computer makes it less likely to fail?
    Wrong - had it decide to refresh halfway through because why not?
    The page doesn't even HAVE a refresh button available unless you use the keyboard CTRL + R, which of course I did not do but it refreshed anyway & I get to start over.

    Maybe the point of it is just to frustrate impatient people into not applying - with modern psychology today who knows.

    Maybe the job is actually that infuriating that if you can survive 3+hrs of your time being wasted with nothing accomplished, you will be the perfect fit for what they want...

    Regardless, the deed is finally done.
    Still curious about the pay sheet/progression & if it will be worth it - the south doesn't have a reputation for stellar pay rates & I'm coming from TN so now I have to pay state income tax again...yep I am whining

    Does FedEx Freight have universally same insurance/benefits regardless of the region even if pay is different?

    Funnily enough, FedEx Express has a totally different website for their job applications for some reason - no jobs available so don't know exactly how different but hopefully a better system.
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    Jan 14, 2018
    Don’t know why you had such difficulty with the application process. Simple easy and no issues for me applying via Chrome on a Mac.

    Express uses the same application system.

    Never figured out what DRF meant. Expect to start at $22.58 or $23.23 an hour.

    Attached are the current pay grades, 3yr progression. The city driver hourly rate is also the hourly rate for linehaul tasks. Not sure what GPD the center you applied to is in.

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