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Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by Mrgreen09, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Jan 24, 2009
    Well all I know is that I have been overweight all of my teen and adult life. I have tryed every diet there is out there. At one time I was at 400 and lost 175 of that. One yr latter was back to 380 and I was still on the same diet. I am just sick of it all..:biggrin_25513:
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    To those of you who think a person's weight is solely due to their diet choice... BS!

    Chew on this... from the time I was in high school up until I hit my mid forties, I averaged about 125 lbs--I am almost six foot tall. Picture a stick figure if you will. I always got comments from people like, "####! Don't you ever eat?"

    Uh, yeah, as a matter of fact I do eat--sometimes a lot--sometimes a friggin incredible amount of calories. I once calculated my daily caloric intake at almost 6000 calories. And never gained an ounce.

    Now consider this... I lived with my best friend and his wife for quite a while. Both of them at the time tipped the scales at well over 450lbs each. Now you'd think that they were sitting around munching down bags of Cheetos 24/7, eh? NOT! I saw what they ate.

    Sam, as I'll call him, only ate once a day when he got home from his VERY physically demanding job--a dinner portion that wasn't overly generous and maybe a few snacks throughout the day, certainly no more than an average person tossed back in a day. I've known him since 9th grade and he's always been overweight but never been what I'd call a glutton.

    It is my belief that from the day you are born, you are genetically programmed to be a certain weight and your body is going to want to stay at that set-point. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, short of surgery to alter that set-point. Fortunately for my friends, gastric bypass was an available option. They lost the weight and kept it off.

    As for myself, they haven't come up with gastric-addition surgery yet, so my dream of becoming morbidly obese is just that--a dream.:biggrin_25525:
    I guess the moral of this lengthy diatribe is not to assume that a fat person is a Cheeto-swilling-hog, or that a skinny person is an anorexic gym freak with a diet only a rabbit could love.
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    Jan 24, 2009
    See i have lived with the same stereotype ( that im just a fat lazy #####) Well im not. I walk 1-2 miles every 2 days but haurts like hell most days. Do to my weight the only job i can get is siet in frunt of a computer allday and talk on a phone listening to people biT** that there phone does not work. Noone will hier me for the physicall demanding jobs do to my size. I was a O/O that was running a reffer OTR and now im a desk jockey. :biggrin_25510:
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    Sep 11, 2009
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    I think this is a very good discussion with some great points being made by several posters. I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. I am a stress eater - in other words I find comfort in food when I'm stressed out. What's sad is that when I am stress eating I don't enjoy the food - I just shovel it in until I'm finally satiated. I had an evaluation several years ago for a gastric bypass and the surgeon said he couldn't perform the bypass on me due to a large incisional hernia I had from cancer surgery in '94. At the time of my gastric bypass consultation they couldn't weigh me on their 450 lb. scale. I took matters into my own hands and started a 600 calories per day diet using Medifast high protein shakes. I lost one to two pounds a day until I had shed over 200 pounds. Through discipline and determination I've kept most of the weight off for several years.

    Both of my daughters have had gastric bypass surgery. One of them went through the process, including the subsequent weight loss, with ease. My other daughter had difficulty immediately following the surgery and has not done so well. Currently she's battling anorexia. I would suggest that anyone considering gastric bypass gain a full understanding of the risks involved and the life changes necessary to keep the weight off. As others have said, the bypass is not magical and will require behavioral changes to maintain one's health and weight loss following surgery.
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    Apr 11, 2010
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  6. simplyred1962

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    In my younger years, up until around the age of 38-39, I was a "stick-person".

    I was asked on a daily basis if I was anorexic, or bulimic.

    I was neither. My friends always commented on how much I ate, and still was a "stick-person".

    When I began going through menopause, I went from 101 lbs. to 150 lbs. in one year.

    I hate my extra weight, but have accepted it as my fate. No matter how little, or how healthy I eat, no matter the walking, and exercise, I have been steady at that 150 lbs.

    For me, the gastric surgery probably would not work.
    My mindset is that I will eat the foods I want, regardless.

  7. Big Don

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    Sep 8, 2007
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    OK, I've got several comments here. Strictly my point of view, and some folks really may not like what I have to say. So fair warning. . .:biggrin_25523:

    It is my firm belief that folks who put people down because they are fat have their own set of problems. They put people down, (for whatever reason,) so they can feel better about themselves.

    Excellent post sammycat! (Of course that is just me, agreeing with you. Some of the skinny-minnies that put us down surely will not believe it.):biggrin_25525:

    I have never had the problem with being skinny. Wonder how it would feel.

    I believe you are right about accepting yourself as you are. At least up to a point. I think the stress of worrying about your weight is far worse than the weight itself. Up to a point.

    There is a point where you become a health hazzard to yourself because of your weight. That is where I am at now, and it ain't purtty.

    But I guess I'm not quite to the point where I am going to do something about it. It MUST come from within. All the pissing and moaning that spouses, friends, employers and even MDs do at you is not going to help. If anything, it will just ADD stress, if you let it.

    I have quit smoking several times. Once for as long as three years, and once for over a year, as well as several shorter times. But ######, I ENJOY my cigars, so I am smoking again.

    I have taken off a lot of weight over the years. Not exactly on a yo-yo basis, as I have always used my head when "dieting." My last go around was not a "diet" at all, but a "life style change."

    RIGHT. Until I "fell off" the modified low carb lifestyle. . .

    I went from OTR to LTL local, and gained 50 pounds. And this was doing hard physical work, and a lot of it.

    I know that if I don't get my schidt together here, I will die. But then I will die anyhow, (eventually,) and I'm just not quite ready to get my act together yet. . .:biggrin_25513:
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    Apr 11, 2010
    Rochester, NY
    BigDon-nice post!!!!-see and you said it: ''I'm not ready to get my act together''-it's not just that easy to say eat right and exercise-your HEAD has got to be in the right place. I quit smoking 7 yrs ago- cold turkey-had quit many times before but until that moment - I was not ready. Same shiizt w/losing weight......if someone has never struggled they have no idea
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  9. RoadsideWellCare

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    May 25, 2010
    Hubbard, OH

    Judging just by your weight you are likely to perhaps end up failing a DOT physical anyways, if you DON'T have some "intervention". If you truly have tried everything natural you can think of..... then the next logical step is the surgery.

    If you are not a diabetic now you have a very good chance at becoming one if you dont do anything about your weight. You are also prone to heart disease and so many other things. So in the end, your weight may produce an illness that may prevent you from driving anyways.

    Screw the CDL and physical right now. You need to be breathing and heart beating to get one anyways. I say.... talk to a Dr. and see what they recommend.

    BTW bypass surgery has been shown to have a positive impact of diabetics in other words a remission of the diabetes.
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    I was researching 'gastric bypass' to see what info was out there and if there were other truckers that had it... My husband and I both have (April 2009) and together we have lost >350# ... so if anyone has questions - I can give you my experience with it. Feel free either here or PM me.
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