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  1. Russian Rabbit

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    Jan 3, 2016
    [Note: i didn't realize there was a specific Gordon forum, so i started a thread in the general Motor carrier questions forum, but i'll start another parallel thread here: ]

    A friend of mine has started to drive with Gordon, so we thought it would be a good idea to start a diary for analysis purposes.

    First, the company is Gordon Trucking headquartered near Seattle:

    What i know so far:

    The Not real good stuff first:
    Trucks governed to 60 mph!
    Starting pay for someone with less than a year experience (which is what s/he has) is .33 cpm. This in itself might not necessarily be a bad thing, but, as we'll see in sec it's not turning out to be a positive thing.
    .01 cpm extra for all miles if you have hazmat which s/he ain't got---yet.

    Now,The good stuff:
    New (no older than 36 months i think) Freightliner Cascadias WITH APU's .
    i think most also come with inverters and refrigerators but would have to double check.

    Tip top safety rating.

    Very professional staff. Decent people. No greasy slimeballs etc. This seems like the type of company that does things the right way (well, for the most part as we'll see in a sec)

    1st week: (Note: i am not putting the weeks in true order coz i'm trying to protect privacy. Also i'm referring to my friend as s/he, also to preserve privacy)

    McCarren NV deadhead to Reno NV 9 miles
    Reno NV to San Bernadino, Ca 449 miles
    San Bernadino, Ca deadhead to Redlands, ca 10 miles
    Redlands to Mendonta, ca 200 miles.
    Mendota (del and pickup in mendota) to Mesa, AZ 500 miles.

    Total miles for the week 1168

    S/he is on i think they call it California regional or west coast regional division.

    Any questions feel free to ask. We will try to get the correct. answers to you.
  2. Russian Rabbit

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    Jan 3, 2016
    Tracy, Ca deadhead to Lathrop, Ca deadhead back to tracy (i think looking for an empty trailer) 11 miles
    Tracy, ca to Reno, NV 198 miles
    Reno deadhead to Reno (for pickup?) 3 miles
    Reno, nv to Porterville, Ca 370 miles
    Porterville, Ca deadhead to Bakersfield, ca 52 miles
    Bakersfield, Ca to Rancho Cucamonga(yard) 147 miles
    Rancho yard to Tucson AZ 449 miles
    Tucson deadhead to Nogalez, AZ 66 miles
    Nogalez to Phoenix 181 miles

    1477 total miles for the week
  3. Russian Rabbit

    Russian Rabbit Road Train Member

    Jan 3, 2016
    As i said in the other thread, our main concern is there seems to be a lack of miles. But everything else seems to be top-notch----good staff, good equipment etc.
  4. Trucker Smith

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    Mar 28, 2012
    Janesville, Wisconsin
    i heard that they California regional isn't that good but the California to Washington ( that run ) is better for miles. I dont work for them but that what a driver told me
  5. Russian Rabbit

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    Jan 3, 2016
    We found out that:
    1) Not all trucks are governed to 60; If you've been there a while or you get an older truck then they can be governed to 65. But don't tell anyone.

    2) We found out that s/he is in the NCA fleet, which stands for Nevada, California, Arizona.

    Patterson Ca, deadhead to Tracy, CA, deadhead to Lathrop, CA 33
    Lathrop, Ca to Nogalez, AZ 875
    Nogalez, deadhead to Tolleson AZ 189
    Tolleson to Fontana, ca 116
    Fontana deadhead to Ontario, CA 22
    Ontario to Las Vegas 252
    Las vegas deadhead to Henderson, nv 15
    Henderson to Riverside, CA 232
    riverside deadhead to San Bernadino, ca 9
    Sand bernadino to Lathrop, CA 406

    2149 miles.

    1598 miles per week average so far.
  6. Russian Rabbit

    Russian Rabbit Road Train Member

    Jan 3, 2016
    Sorry i have not kept up with the diary and mileage; It would not have made a difference as the miles were not there. Otherwise a very good company.

    But the big news is that, NO MORE GORDON AFTER JULY 16TH.
    The company will be fully absorbed by Heartland Express. All Gordon drivers will become Heartland drivers.

    This is a shame as they(Gordon) have a very good reputation.

    My friend will be looking for local work in the Phoenix area.
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