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    No, but that is how a big company does things
    In 25years of driving the most damage I did to a rig was a slightly creased faring trying to get out of the overloaded Sears DC in Columbia MD . I have driven every place in the country, have millions of miles and the reason I have not had any damage is because I am a natural born truck operator. And these companies know you can drive a whole lot of years without wrecking if you apply 1 thing, common sense.
    The reason they have the strict rules is because I am 1 in a 100,000 and they can't afford me so they have to take what they can get and cut them loose if they damage the rigs. Your only as good as your last load and that is how I drive.
    Hopefully you can stay out of trouble long enough to develop the almost magical powers I have to sense a possible collision and avoid it. So many now that I have lost count.
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