Had a bad exprience at Werner

Discussion in 'Werner' started by jemack1, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Jul 9, 2010
    Let me tell you all about my experience at Werner. It wasn't good. I decided to go with Werner out of school because they seemed like a good company to get my training and driving experience from. Believe me, I looked into many different companies before I chose to drive for Werner. Having been fresh out of trucking school and a new CDL holder, my options on who to go work for were limited, as would the case be with any other person who was in my situation at the time. I had orientation in Allentown, PA and that wasn't bad, except for the guy who was doing it. He was a real jerk and yelled a lot. Orientation at Werner involved filling out a lot of paperwork, watching videos, going over company policies, getting a physical, peeing in a cup, and taking computer based tests. The day after orientation was completed they shipped a bunch of us up to Springfield, OH to wait for trainers. The day after arriving there, I was got my first trainer. This guy was a jerk. He would yell at me everytime I made a mistake, he never taught me how to use the qualcomn, never had me pre-trip the truck, didn't have me start my training logbook untill two weeks after I got on his truck, and would have me pull the truck over whenever he or I needed to "take care of business". This guy had no patience and had no business training other drivers. I stayed on his truck for 4 weeks and then took personal time off. I was scheduled to be off for about a week but when I called my SDM to make arrangements to go back to Allentown, PA, the company wouldn't let me go back because they conducted an investigation into a medical restriction that I have on my license which requires me to take lexapro, which is an anti-depressant, on a daily basis. I'm sure you're wondering why I have that restriction; it's a long story. Anyways, after two weeks of having to deal with this crap, I finally got it straightened out and returned to Allentown, PA. I got my second trainer a couple of days later and stayed on his truck for five weeks. This guy was a real jerk to. He would yell at me and tell me to pull my head out of my (you know what) whenever I made a mistake, and ask me if I was retarded. This guy shouldn't have been a trainer because he had no patience at all. He admitted that he hated training but said that he had to do it because he couldn't make any money being a solo driver. I stayed on his truck for five weeks, again a mistake on my part, and I just couldn't take it anymore. So I quit. This kind of behavior was just plain rude and unprofessional. Especially when your job is to teach somebody who's inexperienced at driving an 80,000 pound rig to drive one saftely and to do the other tasks that are necessary to do the job of a truck driver. A lot of these trainers train just for the money. If you don't have the patience, then maybe you shouldn't be training new drivers. Period! And to anyone that's even thinking about going to Werner or into trucking period, if you get a bad trainer, and believe me they are out there, immediatly contact your SDM and drop that person like a bad habit. Find somebody else. I'm not totally bashing Werner, they're a good company to get your training and experience with. Just don't make the same mistake I did.
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    Apr 23, 2017
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    Apr 23, 2017
    The big picture here is Werner Got 5 weeks of Team expedited loads. $ .50 cent stamp solo verses $15.00 Stamp Team expedited Bonus Uncle Sam tuition $15000 included
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    Sounds like my experience with them as well. However, my first trainer was outstanding. The rest of the 3month experience was flat out horrible. I tell ya, going from Deputy Sheriff to a truck driver at Werner,,,,,,was more of a culture shock than anything else. FYI, I don't think I mentioned my Lexapro to them (my business, not theirs IMO), but did mention my HBP meds. Hope you find a company that fits ya brother.
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    "Had a bad experience at Werner"

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    Lol. Wes. At least he interacted with you guys.... My orientation he was in his book the whole time.

    Thankfully my trainer was pretty decent. Chewed my ### when I needed it (twice) and let me drive when I didn't.

    Sorry about the bad experience, jemack.
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    looking back I'm still amazed I lasted nearly a year there.

    Did three weeks shy of a year and got the hell out. Have never looked back.

    Trainer was decent guy, did a yell a few times but overall treated me good.
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