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Discussion in 'Intermodal Trucking Forum' started by phantom369, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. phantom369

    phantom369 Bobtail Member

    Sep 26, 2018
    So i'm a recent O/O hauling containers, out in the stlouis, mo area.

    The pay isn't bad but i want better.

    On a good week, i make 2k-2.9k net. i wont tell you what gross is because that's not the real number i am worried about.

    On a bad week, i make $800-$1200.

    I can't tell you who i work for because i like the people that are in the company. They have been nothing but good to me.

    On a good week the miles could anywhere between 1500 miles to 2500 miles.

    and a bad week goes its between 1000 miles to 1500. it really varies.

    Sometimes i work 16 hr days just to be home in my bed, other times i'm at home after working 8 hrs making 600$. other times its to much for so little, to much physical work when their shouldn't be. I am not here to complain about the job or the work or w.e.

    I want to work smarter vs harder, i think im working to hard for chump change.

    I recently figured i'd work under my own authority running between 200 miles to 500 miles one way. I've been talking to other O/O about the rates and some are loving it and others are saying stick to containers.... I have no way as of right no to verify which is which, i was hoping that someone could enlighten me on how rates are going for the midwest.

    Thanks ahead!

    have a blessed day! God Speed!.
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  2. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Containers live and die on the US Economy and Trade wars. You get what you get and build savings. You will have long days and short days. Just watch the weights on those #### things. Ive done containers in my time, enough of it to walk away from that kind of trucking for good.

    Know your costs. That is the bottom line. As long you profit that is your week. Save as much as you can always each week in case next week is a famine.
  3. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    The great state of TN
    I hated hauling containers. It's way too congested it seems. You spend so much time finding chassis and boxes, and they have to be on working order, or your day is derailed instantly. It starts out paying ok, but those numbers will decrease over time. The only perk about hauling containers is being home every night. To me, it's not that much money in it. Its more wasted time than money drawn in
  4. Trucking in Tennessee

    Trucking in Tennessee Road Train Member

    Mar 19, 2018
    I hauled containers for 3 days. Never again. Top heavy, weights wrong, etc.
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  5. TB John

    TB John Company Shill of BYOB&CBD

    Dec 28, 2008
    Do you own your own chassis or do you depend on the yard/port having a decent one available?
  6. DSK333

    DSK333 Road Train Member

    Jan 27, 2018
    I spent my first 1.5 years of truck ownership doing Intermodal. It sucked and every bit I made went right back into my truck and prepping for my own numbers. Now that I have my own authority I couldn't be happier. It was the ONLY way for me. When you don't see the rate con, you're getting screwed. Now when I go into the Port I set the rate and I get every single penny of it with a detention rate that makes me smile. The Union wants to play games? No worries, I get paid for every minute even if I don't leave with the load.
  7. phantom369

    phantom369 Bobtail Member

    Sep 26, 2018
    No i dont have my own chassis. i dont think any driver in my city that works in the ports and yards has his own.... wouldnt see the point in owning one, unless i own a company that works with the local ports and yards.
  8. Dino soar

    Dino soar Road Train Member

    Dec 8, 2017
    I have to ask how can you get paid for time waiting at the port? You can p.m. me if you like.

    I have never heard of anybody anywhere getting paid for waiting at the port... Or rail.
  9. DSK333

    DSK333 Road Train Member

    Jan 27, 2018
    You've never heard of detention?
  10. wis bang

    wis bang Road Train Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Levittown, PA
    He is not collecting from the steamship line...his customer must be paying his pier time.
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