HVH trailer found loaded

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    Let's say, hypothetically, that this is the scenario. After getting rid of the contents of the trailer, (shop around for the best price, though. For $750, even at aluminum's lowest price that I can recall of $0.30, you scrap 21k. For that much scrap you should be able to haggle a better price), there's still a lot of useful bits there. I can't think of any owner who couldn't use 8 mounted tires. Depending on their condition, that's a $1500 - 4000 value. The copper from the trailer might not another $20-30. Theres a flunky in the yard, somewhere, that could be kept busy grinding the hundreds of rivets off the sides so you can scrap the tin, another $50. Brakes, drums, airbags, lights, etc might be worth the cost of removal. Lastly, you've got the steel and aluminum framework. Serial numbers disappear with a grinder or torch....

    It wouldn't be David Copperfield, but I'll bet you could make that trailer disappear.
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    Old thread I know but do you really believe they saved this guy’s#? They have a hard enough time finding the numbers of current employees.
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