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    What is Shaffers idle policy? Do all or any of their trucks have APU installed in them?
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    From Crete/Shaffer/Hunt website:


    Shaffer Trucking has always been a leader in innovative equipment. We are constantly updating our fleet to give you, our driver, peace of mind as well as the comfort you deserve. Our fleet is one of the newest in the industry with an average age of 2 years. All of our units are well maintained by our 16 in-house maintenance facilities nationwide as well as our numerous outside repair facility partners. This means less downtime and more miles for you our drivers.
    We currently have 3 models of trucks: International ProStars, Freightliner Cascadias, and Freightliner Centurys.
    International ProStar Class:

    • Engine: Cummins ISX – 435 hp
      or Maxforce – 450 hp
    • Transmission: Eaton Fuller 10 speed
    • Sleeper: 73” Skyrise double bunk
      or 73" Highrise single bunk
    • Idle reduction technology
    • California Compliant Emissions
    Freightliner Cascadia Class:

    • Engine: Detroit DD15
      or DD13 – 455 hp
    • Transmission: Eaton Fuller 10 speed
    • Sleeper- 70” Condo double bunk
    • Idle reduction Technology
    • California Compliant Emissions
    Freightliner Century Class:

    • Engine: Detroit 60 series- 435 hp
    • Transmission: Meritor 10 speed
    • Sleeper- 70” Condo double bunk
    • Idle reduction Technology

    Driver Comfort and Safety
    When we purchase new trucks, decisions are made with the driver’s safety and well being in mind. We also utilize the latest safety and performance technology. From the increased storage to the insulation packages, your safety and comfort is what's important to us.
    Tractors have come a long way from cab-over trucks without air ride seats or power steering. The trucks Crete Carrier Corporation offers, have many of the driver comfort items you deserve. These trucks are designed to allow you to work a full day as well as get a full nights rest. With the addition of Idle Reduction Technology, your sleep is not interrupted from the starting and stopping of the truck engine or the noise an engine makes when running. Combine the Idle Reduction Technology with our insulation packages, and our drivers can enjoy a comfortable and quiet rest break.
    Idle Reduction Technology
    Since introducing idle reduction technology into our fleet many years ago we have integrated new technology on a regular basis. We currently have 75% of our fleet equipped with an APU, and plan to increase this number with new tractor purchases. The current models we operate are TriPak, ComfortPro, Espar, Nite, MaxPower and Parksmart.
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    Wut r they governed at??

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    And most of the new trucks are midroof models, not condos
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