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  1. Balakov100

    Balakov100 Road Train Member

    May 10, 2012
    Temple, TX
    Don't know what I did or how I did it.

    But hurt my back, barely able to walk for about 2 weeks.
    Only thing I've really done so far.
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  3. Honch

    Honch Light Load Member

    Mar 30, 2012
    At my 12th hour of the day, I was about to back into a dock and went to open the doors.
    I Always use my gloves to yank a metal seal off... But since I was beat and forgot them in the truck, I figured "Eh screw it, I'll just be careful..."
    Well after a few careful tugs and no progress, I decided to muscle it and ZIP, it gave and opened up 3 of my fingers thru the meat to the bone... quite alot of blood.

    Had to blind side back into the dock (crappy, low-rent type shipper) while bleeding since I had nothing on board to wrap my hand with...
    Afterwards, went inside and got access to some gauze n such.

    After this event, I now carry a nice first aid kit in my bag...
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  4. icsheeple

    icsheeple Trailing the Herd

    Nov 1, 2013
    Kansas City, KS
    ouch. where did you lose that finger... Trailer seal :biggrin_2554:
  5. Honch

    Honch Light Load Member

    Mar 30, 2012
    Didn't lose any digits, just a deep cut from a steel seal. Was liking gripping a razor blade and yanking down on it...
  6. BigDanny

    BigDanny Bobtail Member

    Feb 14, 2010
    Back in October my truck caught on fire and I was trapped inside, a bystander pulled me out, but I strained my neck and separated both shoulders, I finally go back to work on Monday...
  7. PackRatTDI

    PackRatTDI Licensed to Ill

    Jul 15, 2006
    El Chuco, Tejas
    Smashed my thumb while nailing boards to secure two fork lifts. Ripped the skin open. I still don't have feeling in parts.
  8. OldHasBeen

    OldHasBeen Road Train Member

    Dec 16, 2010
    Many years ago I was having trouble with my large finer on my right hand, didn’t’ know what was going on. The day I was to leave out I had a doctor appointment that morning. Doc did an X-ray & there was a piece of metal in the finger. He cut it out & told me that he would subscribe me some pain pills.

    I told him I don’t need no pain pills for I’m leaving for the west coast just after dinner time. he said, “I better warp up this finger very good for you’ll be shifting gears.” I said yes, “The truck I drive had 2 transmissions, & I will be shirting quite a bit.” Wow did he bandage it up.

    That afternoon when I got in my truck I grabbed the shift leave moving it around, I could not put the auxiliary transmission in none of the gears towards the dash & neither could I with the main transmission without hitting my finger. I started ripping the bandage off, I believe he had used two boxes of gauze & about that much tape.

    I did not have to fear going to sleep on that trip all I had to do was shift gears & I would be wide awake & ready to go another 500 miles. Ever time I had to shift either gear leaver forwards or backwards it was a big pain. My finger did not have but 10 stitches in it, yet at least after I took the bandage off it it it would no longer hit the dash of that conventional KW.

    That's the only trip I ever gave any thoughts to an automatic transmission, I have to admit on that trip I might have half-way enjoyed having an automatic. Of course at that time I had never heard of an 18 wheeler having such a transmission!
  9. striker

    striker Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Denver, Co
    We have a customer we do a run for every two weeks, delivering garage doors from the DC to customers. As the driver, I'm responsible to tailgate the doors, boxes, track and all misc. BS. All doors less than 16 ft are a 1 person move. After doing this run every two weeks for two years, I have a herniated and bulging disc in my lower back. Since I already had a pre-existing low back problem, workers comp. denied the claim, but at least my chiropractor is cute and gives a great neck/shoulder massage before she pops my back.
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