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    May 17, 2014
    Hi there,
    Does anybody know here if insurance cover for lost time due to accident? The car just spin off right in front of my truck and his insurance already assumed 100% liability for the accident. Also police report that the other part as at fault and I have been cleared by company that I'm leased to as a non-preventable (thanks to the dashcam, it was the best investment on my truck). Now, here is the drama: the other party had a maximum of 5k in PD. I opened a claim on his insurance but have been told that it is the maximum they will pay. My insurance is giving me a hard time to return my calls. Does anybody know if I might be entitled for lost of revenue wages and which insurance might be responsible for it, mine or the other party? I'm assuming that my repairs would be around 10k since I had damages on my hood, bumper and radiator and couple more stuff on the front of the truck. If somebody already have been on this situation, I would appreciate some thoughts what would be the best approach. Thanks
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    if his limit is 5K then you #### out of luck nothing in lost time and wages usually they will cover it but its going to hit the limit in just repair and your insurance will not give you they will probably cover the remainder of balance minus deductible.
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    You file all of the claims with your insurance. That's why you pay for uninsured/underinsured drivers. Your insurance will go after his for everything they can. Some policies cover down time and some do not, so talk to your insurance about it.
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    Had an incident this past summer where a brand new GMC decided to perform an illegal uturn across 5 lanes of US 175 and hit me. I was bobtailing and no injuries were reported. The motorist was cited. My Truck sustained 25000$ of damage and spent 7 weeks in shop. I went round and round with his ins. co. and finally got a check for 1800$ to cover lost wages. That ins. co., (State Farm), covered damages to my truck obviously. They were polite as could be when they informed me that was all the motorist was covered for. I’m pretty sure I could’ve hired a lawyer and sued for more money, but ultimately just didn’t want to deal with lawyers. I had plenty of money in bank as well as another venture paying off, so I wasn’t hurting for cash. In the end, I used that time to complete some projects.
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    5k in PD?i dont think his insurance is telling you the truth.every state have minimum limits but i never heard about 5k in PD.whats he’s insuring a bike in a closed track???
    About lost wages,take your net income for last year divide by 365 and mutiply by the days your truck in the shop.
    Dont let the insurance company intimidate you or pressure you to make a sucker deal,call the state insurance commisioner and put the pressure on them.
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