Is it hard to schedule things as a trucker?

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    My best advice to you is schedule the appointment, and if you're a company driver or even on your own, plan on being there 2 days early.

    It's too easy to shine on important things of this nature.

    But if you're condition worsens, like you keep shining on getting your teeth cleaned, then you get a real problem, you're in it for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    Making money over the road counts for zilch if you don't take care of yourself.
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    I missed my appointment, and I was home.Thats just not right!. Most Drs will work with you, if you explain. Find out minimum notice if possible. Then remember to go!!!
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    Document who you informed that future date home for that important appt. Date, time, names you told that information to and especially any feedback you get.

    Repeat and about a month before that appt time, you go into the company office and talk to the operations manager. Take your ledger pad of the documented information with you. Make it clear to the Operations Manager that you must be seeing that doctor that appt big truck or no truck. Or even bobtail. A forth alternative is to fly home to your skin doctor have someone give you a lift to and from the airport and fly back to your truck.

    On the road all these years the only time I saw a doctor is via trauma after I take a crush, a fall, get hit, in a fight or heat stroke issue etc. Other than that I don't schedule a #### thing in life roughly 20 years give or take out there. Working part time as a crew boss with a trucker CDL herd of 20 or so, it's easier to have another appt time made that does not fall onto the heavy truck auctions day.

    Fast forward today, I visit approximately 5 doctors a month or every other month as needed. Since everything revolves around these appts or surgeries, I don't work. (Disability which also reviews it periodically and sees the progress I am making.)

    If I ran into something issue and got sick, I generally find a ER and let them evaluate and fix the problem. And back on the road I went. One example was in King of Prussia Mall in PA I collided with a nurse with a tall cup of coffee. One of those temporary stupid set up the Mc Dees ever did until they got sued to stop using that kind of very tall cups or burning the coffee at temps sufficient inflicting 2nd degree burns on your skin should you slosh or spill it.

    That hand the coffee hit has already been through a third degree burn vs a Harley decades ago and the damage was minimized by the leather under the skin so to speak. However having to shift that old cabover was not welcome. But important as long as blisters do not form and then fill with fluid. (That is for ER and transfer to a Burn Center)

    Theoretically I could bill McDonalds legally for that kind of injury directly tied to very bad packaging (Tall coffee mug) and secondary issue, temps at 180 when pulled from the coffee pot.

    One time I went to FFE's company doctor in his clinic in south arlington (Dallas-Ft Worth etc) and dropped then and there in his cot. When they took me to the Parkland Hospital I was carrying a Glasgow Coma Scale of 9 which isnt that good at all. 15 being normal awake etc and 1 equals a pencil. Parkland shoved two needles into me and bedded me down the night. Next day Im back at dispatch to collect my co driver and get a load rolling.

    That takes care of story telling first hand what some of the issues I ran into out there.

    However your appointment must be advertised to all of your dispatcher and operations manager, constantly. Particularly as the time and date of appt gets close. You really should be on your way there a week prior. If you are not, get in touch and ask what is matta. Or better yet go to company office with that overflowing ledger pad documenting constant contacts who, date, time and what was issue told to contact. (Dispatcher) that you have a doc's skin appt that cannot be miss.

    Do be prepared to fly home and see that doc and fly back to your truck in the company yard.
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    A healthy relationship with your medical providers works wonders.

    You’d be surprised what a simple thank you card, appreciative words, or the odd gift will do.
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