Kenworth t680 opinions?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Juanf94, Jan 26, 2023.

  1. Juanf94

    Juanf94 Bobtail Member

    Jan 24, 2023
    Looking into buying a kenworth t 680 with a paccar would like to know your experience driving one and mpg.
    Also looking at 2 options and would appreciate experienced o/o input
    1. Kenworth t680 2019 318k miles automatic $90k
    2 kenworth t680 2018 373k miles automatic $80k
    Are the 55k fewer miles worth the extra 10k or would I be better off getting the 80k and adding extended warranty?
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  3. Siinman

    Siinman Road Train Member

    Mar 5, 2017
    Kansas City, MO.
    What are all the spec's on the trucks? Need all that information and what kind of duty cycle you are running. Then of course you will need to do all the checking or bring a mechanic that knows what they are looking at. Get a ECM dump as well on each truck. Either of them have an APU? If so they will have hopefully less idle time and that is a big issue with newer emission trucks.
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  4. North Pole Nightmare

    North Pole Nightmare Medium Load Member

    Dec 15, 2021
    Not O/O but Halliburton had 5 t680's,automated,same years.
    They were day cabs,spec heavy,limited to 65 mph.
    We used them hauling cement.They ran well,65 mph loaded or empty.One of them had 200,000 miles on it,the others 50,000 to 100,000.
    7+ mpg,
    Never any major problems.
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  5. TruckerPete1990

    TruckerPete1990 Road Train Member

    Jul 16, 2012
    Bentonville Arkansas
    Specs are EVERYTHING! buy the wrong spec for ur operation and you will end up paying MORE in fuel... Miles is just a Number my 1 Million mile truck has a lower maint cost then a 400k mile truck..
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  6. seamutt

    seamutt Light Load Member

    Jun 15, 2021
    IMO opinion the Paccar MX-13 is a more reliable engine than the Cummins ISX-15, and likely slightly more reliable than the X-15. With notably better fuel economy than either of those two. As well, people seem to say that - since about 2017 - the Paccar's emission system problems have largely been dealt with as well. Where the Paccar does fall far behind, however, is in service. Especially so after an engine's warranty runs out. Peterbilt/Kenworth operate Paccar service like a secret cult, and you become almost totally dependent on them for life. Cummins engines, on the other hand, are an 'open shop'; easy to get complete information on and computer tools for. And that fact probably shouldn't be underestimated, especially when buying an older truck.

    Edit: I own, and have yet to ever hear anything truly negative said about the (more recent) 12 speed 'Endurant' automated manual transmission. The previous Eaton automatic models, as I recall from when I was shopping, received less enthusiastic reviews.
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