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  1. uplander

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    Jan 9, 2014
    orientation greenville tn
    takes 3 days

    they check nothing until you get there. when you get there then they start doing background checks.

    first 4 weeks is gaurnteed pay of no less then 1000.

    they try to offer you per diem.

    you must have hazmat.

    the trucks are rediculously under powered, they loose speed pulling an empty trailer up a hill.

    63 on throttle 65 on cruise but you spend most of your time at 60 mph or less because of weak gutless trucks.

    camera that faces driver and outside, they say driver cam is turned off untill a patern of bad brhaviour appers then they turn it on. my inside is covered with velcro nothing said to me yet.

    a week of vacation is 5 days not 7.

    u turns and reversing on a roadway are "fireable offenses" but yet day one reciever requires both u turn snd reversing from roadway to dock so that went out the window quick. i guess dont cause a wreck doing a or b and your fine.

    51 cpm

    covenant owns landsir, so you have to go thru covenant for maintence.
    most trucks you get into will have bad wipers, because ppl dont want to sit on hold for an hour, just waiting to speak to anyone, then they write up and send a work order po to ta, instead of just buying wipers scanning reciept and get reimbursed, nope thats too easy.

    the trucks idle at less than 20, and more than 68, but you have to sit there for 5 mins waiting for the idle shut down light to come on then press the gas to cancel it.
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  3. uplander

    uplander Light Load Member

    Jan 9, 2014
    trucks dont have trolly valves, so to move tandems you have to pull red trailer brake. i asked why do the trucks not have them they said they started ordering them that way i asked who is they and why, no further response.

    61.9 on pedal 63.9 on cruise.

    there is a programed in 4 second delay on engine brakes. most trucks are autos, so it goes like this, press engine brake button, 1 1000 2 1000 3 1000 4 1000 it starts working for a second then it goes hey let me down shift, 2-3 seconds for that, now its another 1 1000 2 1000 3 1000 4 1000 now the engine brake is on.

    on manual trucks, 9th gear is rpm limited to 1450 rpm, which is 50 mph, then your in 10th gear at 1050 rpm.
    so, you come up on a hill, the trucks are already severly powered down, your doing 60, 62 is 1300 rpm, hit the hill your loosing speed, you have no power at low rpm, your doing 55 you shift to 9th, you get no power till 50 mph, 50 mph power starts, by the time the turbo spools up your now doing 45.

    i pass no one. i think landair has the weakest and slowest trucks on the road. it makes no sense bc almost every load is putting you at 77-79k.
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    Mar 8, 2017
    Did you decide to stay or leave? I was considering them but am not a fan of driver facing cameras.
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  5. uplander

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    Jan 9, 2014
    new news

    their getting rid of the prostars, and in is 2019 -20 cascadia and kw.

    i have no knowlege of the kw.

    the cas is dd, 12 speed auto. refridgerator and inverter included. the cruise control is the new tech, the camera reads the land scape and it can see the ground, it reads the hills, about 500 ft before the top of a hill, if cruise is set to 65, it shifts to "e" witch is neutral, youll loose 5 mph, youll be at 60 mph at the top of the hill, it coast in neutral up the hill, then down the hill to 68, then it shifts back into gear readying for 69.. 70 for the jake 1 2 or 3 to activate. the new fuel saving idea.

    that means no driver facing cameras, out cameras only,

    62 top speed is now 65.

    no more 4 second engine brake delay.

    money is legit here 51 cpm (speaking from sonoco side)

    your paid detintion, if it occurs, and it is a nice paid day off, in a sense of speaking.

    hauling rolls of paper out, and scrap paper back. run your hours, be smart, drive safe, be nice to the crew, (office folk, theres only a handfull of people running the sonoco side) (the camera is watching your driving) be on time, learn the dc's. you are generallly set up with a preplan, if not, and have to sit, its not a problem, you will be paid for sitting.

    the sonoco dc's that i know

    hartsville sc
    newport tn
    morgansville ky
    opp al

    the lesser branches

    savanah ga
    monroe falls oh
    tiffin oh
    augusta ga
    orlando fl
  6. Jim Rogers

    Jim Rogers Bobtail Member

    Mar 21, 2021
    The company has gone way down hill over the years, especially since being acquired by Covenant. Veteran drivers leaving left and right, which I guess is why it's a training company now.
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  7. AppalachianTrucker

    AppalachianTrucker Heavy Load Member

    May 25, 2014
    Orion Arm
    Need to bump this for the good news...
    Stay FAR FAR away from Landair, particularly any dedicated accounts.
    Landair is having trouble making payroll, with numerous short paychecks or simply no pay.
    They also will terminate you without recourse if you get sick, so forget using your medical insurance if you get sick because ... you're TERMINATED.
    And people wonder why drivers are in such short supply.
    Beware Landair!
  8. Capacity

    Capacity Road Train Member

    Jul 28, 2019
    Neenah Wi
    Sonoco has a plant in Neenah Wi they run regional and yard dogs make 20+ a hour , they used to do the orientation at the Neenah mill so no need to go to Greenville.
    Good Luck
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