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  1. fuzzychops

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    Feb 16, 2010
    Eagle, Wi.
    :biggrin_25510:Company Rules: At LCL Bulk Transport, Inc. one of there rules is you must request days off (through the Qualcomm) two weeks in advance. I did that and then was called by a dispatcher asking me if I could work. I stated over my dead body, but If I was forced to I guess I could. The dispatcher said OK and hung up the phone. The next day I received another phone call from a different dispatcher asking me what was my ETC for a pick-up in Chicago. I answered what pick-up? The dispatcher then told me I was on a load to pick-up in Chicago and deliver in PA on Monday morning. I told her I was on my weekend off and they could find someone else to take the load or I would take it after my week-end off. She hung up and a few minutes later a different dispatcher called and told me ot clean out my truck. So I did.
    The weekend before this all happened the company left me sitting in IL. just outside of St. Louis for 3 days waiting for a load to be picked up Monday morning aand delivered to Chicago the next day.

    I don't think it was right for them to interrupe my weekend off, dispatch me without even calling me back to let me know.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK???????????????????????????????????
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  2. ibcalm1

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    May 19, 2009
    The issue is its about money and keeping their business with customers. If you are in the area and they have a load to be delivered it doesnt matter. Right now with people needing jobs you can be let go at anytime. Trucking companies believe they have the upper hand more drivers out there than jobs so your not important as you use to be to them. It takes time to build relationships of respect some people get and others dont. the dispatchers and the drivers need to understand that. It happened to me they left me in houston for four days one time and the next time i got them and moved on to somewhere else. I will tell you this in these tough times you really have to do somethings and put up with some junk because a lot of unemployed drivers will do what you wont do so keep that in mind. I hope you find another job soon take care
  3. rbht

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    Jan 23, 2010
    Were ou allready off when they called you if so i would have told them the same if not ya should have probrobly done the load and then took time off but it seems to many of these company could care less about there drivers now a days and why did'nt the dispatcher say ok we need you for the load instead of just giving it to you and you not noing.
  4. uncommon_belief

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    May 23, 2009
    Was it a for sure, been approved weekend off? Unless you were extremely unhappy, I would have taken the load.

    Like others have mentioned and as you probably are already aware of, people need work. If you won't work a little harder, someone else will. You're out, they're in. No one cares who drives the trucks anymore. Just as long as you get the job done and don't hurt the company (violations, wrecks, late, etc).
  5. melpromud

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    Jan 29, 2010
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    OMG!!!!!!!! thats tha problem with the trucking industry to day. " you should have taken the load " BullS?!#.........Dont let these crap companies push us around!!!!! I dont let anyone call me on my time off and try to dispatch me. Ill call you when im ready! If your that big of a push over you will spend your whole life working. I personal drive a truck to have a life, not live my life to truck. Fussychops didnt take no sh#! and you shouldnt either! If drivers stop letting them selfs get sh#! on it would be a lot better for the drivers! Stop the abuse by pencile pushers that dont have a clue what goes on as a driver.
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    Oct 24, 2007
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    in the ace is where the load belongs:biggrin_25510:
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    Aug 25, 2006
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    I applied before & received a call back the next day, recruiter said I'd be out 25-28 days. Enough said...
  8. gladiator

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    Apr 17, 2010
    I'm a little tired of it to...driving a truck is what I's not who I am...also the company may own the truck but they don't own me..I do what I can do within the law..thats it..I've gotten into "discussions" with dispatch many times..Yea I've lost a few bucks by stickin' to my guns..but all in all I don't do to bad..If they want to sit me "cause I've been a bad boy in their eyes..then "OH FREAKIN" well.. Once they got it thru their head I will do what I can LEGALLY and not to push me around..'cause I don't take kindly to threats...Things are going quite smoothly..there are occasional flair ups...and I have told dispatchers "If you plan to continue to speak to me in this manner this conversation will be over" things normally calm down but not always. There is only one person allowed to boss me around..and she's at home. Which sometimes makes the road a good place to
  9. gypsyhooker

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    Mar 16, 2010
    That's reason #6294 of Why I screen my calls when I'm home. :D
  10. cunfuzed

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    i work for this company and i have to say that in my 20 + years in this business as mostly an o/o this is the "worst" company i have ever seen
    they have such a high turnover it's litterally a revolving door!!! you hardly ever see the same driver in the same truck 3 weeks in a row. they constantly slipseat they have absolutely no respect for their employees and they lie about everything from day 1. now the lying as we all know is part of the business but these folks could'nt tell the truth if you held a gun to their head!!! i am a glutten for punishment for i've been here over a year now and am still waiting to see if it gets any better. this is my first job as an employee in over 20 years as i stated earlier and i can't believe this company is still in business!! their equipment is in disrepair i've broke down now twice just last week alone!! they say new equip. is comming but they said that a year ago.their management has no clue how to run a business and their dispatch has no regard to hours of service when they need a load moved it's you have to your the only one available etc. some people are untouchable due to their marital status so they do what ever they want. take my advice stay as far away from this company as you can!!!!!!!!!! i could write pages about my experiences here but i think i made my point and i only pray that hons or someone in the family does read this and open their eyes to what is happening to their fathers business. get out and ride with some drivers but don't let anyone know your doin it and see what it's really like!! a little undercover boss if you will:biggrin_25523:
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