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    Sep 8, 2011
    Hi. I live in upstate South Carolina and am looking for a small trucking company that's located in my area. I do alot better with smaller companies, 5 to 50 trucks or so. I have 15 years OTR experience, well over 2 million safe miles,, and a flawless record and I don't have to be home very often. I was recently an O/O and lost my truck a month ago cause of repair expenses. I require W2, .60 cpm with at minimum 2500 miles a week. have driven in all weather conditions. prefer dry van , have pulled a refer for 5 years, but really don't like grocery warehouses. will go anywhere but NYC or long island and no slaughterhouse. Last but not least, I have 2 medium sized dogs that ride with me , they are cleaner than most drivers. No fleas and they have never destroyed anything in the truck. Email ,, brandyleigh4407@yahoo.com Thanks for your time
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