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    Oct 20, 2011
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    Ok this is for those who think you can't get 3600 miles in a week at Maverick. I dropped a 1192 mi load Sunday at Menards in Eau Claire, WI. From there I went to Quality Metal in St. Paul MN to pick up a 1276 mi load that delivered to N.C. Dept. of Corrections Sign Plant in Bunn, NC for Wed. I got there the night before, but didn't unload until Wed. morning. From there I went to Arauca Panels USA in Moncure, NC and picked up a 626 mi. load that delivered to Masco Retail Cabinet in Middlefield, OH. I got there the night before and unloaded this morning. From there I was sent to Charter Steel in Cuyahoga Heights to pick up this 585 mi load that I am on right now; which delivers in the morning. I am 1/4 mi from Sumiden Wire Products in Dickson, TN. That is a 3679mi week. So yes it can be done. I did however get lucky and was able to unload on Sunday night instead of having to wait until Monday morning and was able to make it over to my Monday pickup Sunday night. When I got there, they were working and they went ahead and loaded me. If it hadn't of been for that I probably wouldn't have gotten 3679, but I would have got close to 3000. The trainer I had a year ago said that he had gotten over 3k before, I was like yea right; until I did it a few times.
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    Never said it cant be done but I have said you cant do it every week like some of these blowhards claim. Ive put in a 4k "week" but technically it was 8.5days as I picked up a long run about noon on a thursday that delivered on a monday. Ran recap all that week and got in another 2000mi by friday afternoon and deadheaded home empty as I had delivered just up the road from home. Man I was wore out after that week.
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    I was referring to the claim of.over.4k
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    i hope i get into this company come april sounds like you can make some good money if you work your butt off that is all i want
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    It has been predicted that fuel prices could go to between $5.00-$6.00 per gallon by summer. I'd like to get some insight,thoughts etc on what effect this could have on the trucking industry. I am in the process of obtaining my cdl license and am concerned about a possible cutback on hiring by trucking company's. Any comments are appreciated.
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    Mar 26, 2010
    There is always a need for drivers. No worries.
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    Mar 26, 2010
    Nurses and truck drivers can always find a job
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    it just means your trip to the grocery store will be a little more painful
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    I never said it doesn't happen walker dog I just said it doesn't happen that often. besides what division are you
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    I live in eastern Kentucky not far from Ashland ky and when I was driving before I got this dang desease I got home almost evry weekend I think I got hung out bout once every. Lille months. There r quite a few places we load out. Of there . We have am Steele and I have gone to Ghent and Columbus oh. To load. But I got quite a lot of miles when I drove and unless u r going to b way south n eastern ky you will be In pretty good shape hope I helped n I know I really enjoyed driving for maverick they treated me good and I especially liked being a trainer for them
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