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    Jun 11, 2018
    Long Island (NY)
    The trucks are both used and new. I have a new truck (2019 Freightliner) with a weekly payment of $650 (in a month like November where there are 5 Fridays, there is no payment taken on the 5th Friday). There is a maintenance ESCROW (which means its your money that is held, but its YOUR money) at $.05/mile. My fixed expenses (insurances, IFTA, Oc/Acc, registration, Qualcomm, and PrePass) total $265/wk. These come out every Friday, including a 5th Friday. Fuel discounts are at TA/Petro. How much of a discount? I fueled last in Rhode Island. The pump price was $3.759. My cost: $2.657. You will get an email everyday with a spreadsheet that lists the discount for each location. MinStar splits the tolls with you, except bridges (MinStar covers the bridges 100%). Now, occasionally, Payroll will miss a toll and charge you for it. Simply email or call, and its fixed. No one is perfect. I've had it happen twice in 18 months.

    Trucks are governed at 72. If you get a truck and there is a deposit, you will be governed at 67 until the deposit is paid off. I had a deposit; I had it paid off in 4 months. As one member here has mentioned, if you have a deposit, you will be on "the draw." You will be paid .30/mile. Then, after YOU get paid, the remaining funds go towards your expenses, then towards your deposit. It goes like this: Revenue of $1.31/mile ($.98/mile plus $.33/fuel surcharge) equals $3144, running 2400 miles. You will take home $720 (your .30/mile) minus any Cash Advances. $3144 - $720 = $2420. You should average 7/mpg. On 2400 miles, that's roughly 343 gallons of fuel. Lets just say, you use the TA/Petro and the cost averages $2.95/gallon. That's $1012 in fuel, leaving $1408. Subtract a new truck payment ($650), Maintenance ($121), and expenses ($265), that leaves $372 that goes towards your deposit. If your deposit is $6,000, you would most likely have it paid off in 16 weeks (I paid mine off in 17 weeks, as I went home a few times). What I did not include in this example is Stop Pay ($40/stop...my current run has 8 stops!), Deck Set Up ($25), and Deck Take Down ($20). You will most likely always have these as well. Once the deposit is paid, if you should have one, you will go to full settlement and speed increased to 72.

    I'm on a run that is 2411 miles with 8 stops. On full settlement, which means all revenue comes to me, I will take home roughly $1400 (Revenue of $3158 and Stop Pay of $320 = $3478. Subtract expenses (a Truck Payment of $650, 2 weeks of Fixed expenses since I am taking a week off for the holiday $530, $121 for Maintenance, and $760 in fuel) of $2061, I take home $1417!

    Listen, people fail at this and its not for everyone. This is a business. Its not a company position where you get to go home every weekend or get benefits or paid vacation. You have to WORK for it. You will have times where you have no settlement and owe money. I have had them myself. Heck, this week, I owe because I am home. But when I finish this load next week, I will have made enough to cover what I owe, and get paid $1400. You have to have good budget skills and plan for time off. You work with Dispatch and they will work with you. Go in with a negative attitude and the belief that you are KING and someone will be coming to get your truck in two months and you'll end up here again talking trash about the company. I've met plenty of drivers that are driving trucks that are paid off. It is what YOU make of it. Again, its not for everyone. I hope I have given you enough information. Enjoy the holiday (I'm enjoying mine with my wife and kids...I even take a moment to look out the window at my truck with my motorcycle next to it...life is good today!).
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    I stopped reading here
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    I called them a few years ago and was not impressed. The trucks are all geared wrong for fuel economy.
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    Just give them your entire wallet then ask if you may have 100 dollars a week for food and bills.
    These folks give legitimate rip offs a bad name.
    Just say NO.
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    Mitch is running a ponzi scheme with minstar...
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    Great break down. Thanks for the info. People need to chill on the lease hate. If you don’t have cash and credit in hand you will not get a good deal. And even if you had cash and paid for a good deal you can still have a accident or whatever and lose your business and go bankrupt. Lease programs Is not for everyone. And you will pay a premium for not having cash in hand and credit. You will pay a premium to be able to walk away and not have a repo on your record. It’s up to you as a individual to figure your deals out. It’s not up to the company to give you a awesome deal on a lease when you don’t have cash in hand. It’s up to you to figure out what your signing.
    Also drivers do not realize you as a company driver, you are paying for the truck your driving. Your work in the truck your driving is paying everything a lease driver pays. And you boss pays you.
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    Mar 20, 2010
    Except minster is not..it’s simply a ponzu scheme...Mitch is a crook and it makes prime look good...I know from experience with those crooks...what they’re doing is pitiful
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    Jan 20, 2010
    in the country, georgia
    All your examples of income means I would take about a $500/week cut from my company driver position with benefits and not pay the extra FICA, etc.
    But if you think its a good deal, have at it.
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