Moving to Cincinnati.

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    Jul 27, 2015
    GF's new job will have her home office downtown, but she'll mostly be on travel. It seems she'll be heading south quite a bit, so we're looking at living in Kentucky.

    Available maybe mid-September or perhaps later. GF has to wait for work authorization card from Uncle Sam, and they say they have a slight backlog in processing. Can't leave current location without it.

    Looking for home every night (I know, I know).
    Retired Navy. No drugs, no alcohol, lotsa coffee.
    CDL-A from good local school 5 years ago.
    Doubles-Triples, Tanker, Hazmat, School and Passenger Bus. Just renewed physical. TWIC til May 2020.
    Previously certified MSF instructor. Did it volunteer while in the Navy.
    Current employer 2.5 years. (4 axle 13 spd) Non-haz tank trailer (used oil loading to railcar with PTO driven oil pump), single box roll-off trailer (wet-kit), shorty dry van trailer, straight oil trucks (9,10 and 13spd with the low side split, useless), straight box trucks (6, 10 spd). Start and end every day same place.
    Previous employer to that 1 year. (4 axle 10 spd) Chemical tanker up to 105,500. Sulfuric (was carded to load myself), caustic (50% hydrochloric), two different double sets to run that stuff), industrial bleach, RFO, magnesium oxide powder (pneumatic three hopper trailer + 1 hopper pup, always a set, transloaded myself from railcar, off-load at the mill). Start and end every day same place. Delivered to three different paper mills.
    Before that, OTR for three months.

    No flammable. No night-time. Probably good to say no dead cows.

    Please send a PM if interested.
    Thank you.
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