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    Jan 9, 2020
    Received a citation for drive one lane/unsafe lane change. Here is what happened.

    Driving through Phoenix I10. There was an accident in front of me, two vehicles. One vehicle moves to the side of the road and the other vehicle is stopped in front of me with hazards on. I attempt to move around the vehicle in front of me and clip another vehicles rear bumper with my front bumper.

    Trooper shows up. Asks what happened and I explain the situation. I receive a citation for drive one lane/unsafe lane change. Police and collision report are taken. Citation shows wrong vehicle color and moving speed of 5mph in a 65. It was stop and go traffic. Driver leaves with no injury, no tow.

    I contact a lawyer. Lawyer tells me that that I have two options. To go for a dismissal, best case being officer doesn't show up. Or, go for an amended which may be reduced.

    I am licensed out of Texas, a veteran, and have no prior collisions or tickets. Should I go for dismissal or amendment?
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    I would amend it to a non accident citation.

    There is apparently either not enough room to properly evade or you might not have put enough horse into jerking her into the other lane or open area of escape. When loaded properly big rigs can accept relatively severe maneuvering.
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    Sep 26, 2015
    Contact a better lawyer, who will advise you on the chances of success with either route.

    Why not seek dismissal & change course if the officer shows up by the time the judge calls your #?
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