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    Nov 27, 2019
    Hello everyone! I have decided that I want to become a truck driver. I have my C category, ADR ( basic, tanks and explosives ), I have my prof card ( code 95 ) and after 10 months from now I will have my E category. Can you please tell me, will somebody hire me to teach me how to drive ( I don’t have any exp at all ). I know english and german ( my skills are a bit rusty because I haven’t use those languages for a lot of time so sorry for my mistakes ) and for the last 10 years I was in the insurance business so I can manage documentation. Can you give me some advice or tell me where to look for? I’m from Bulgaria but I want to work for a foreign employee, if it’s possible I would work for 3 months, than may be 1 at home? Is there any chance for that one month at home to be paid? I will be more than happy for anything you say to me! Thank you in advance!!!
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    Working on a USA Visa would be limited to one year.

    You probably will be required to meet our TSA for hazmat and other licensing here in the states. Your situation will be much better in Europe where your documents and licenses will put you into work there.

    There are not many Germans left, they started being limited generations ago here. I am one where some german was spoken while growing up but the last of our old stomping grounds have completely changed to several different races essentially Latino and others of like kind in Baltimore. (We are a number three seaport and are of the world as it were...)

    In America you would find spanish and russian to be much more useful.

    Good luck to you.
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