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Discussion in 'Old Dominion' started by WesternPlains, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. WesternPlains

    WesternPlains Road Train Member

    Sep 1, 2017
    I'm going to apply there this week. They have an opening I'm interested in.
    I am wondering about input on OD. Do have some questions. I've read through the forum. Anything to add?

    I see they check work history closely.
    For a period of 6 years. I bounced around a few low level jobs. I have to refer to the State Employment office records just to remember them all. I usually put down.... I did these because I needed physical work. They weren't very good jobs. Some awful. Just low level stuff like custodian, etc.
    Would I have any problem with OD employment if I put that?
    I had to go to truck driving to get a decent job where I would be left alone. People are fighting at work. They aren't working together. It's awful. So.... The last 7 years have been working for one employer. Driving a trash truck. Was stable until the company was bought. They didn't want me. Basically laid off. Technically told: You just don't fit in. rofl ...
    Before that... I had a career for 18 years. Can't do that anymore. Too demanding. Talk about a recipe for diabetes. As a result.... I have learned much in health. Could contribute much to other drivers knowledge to take better care of themselves. Would be a help to any truck driving company.
    See any problem with OD?

    Otherwise.... Am wondering. This is a Line Haul position with OD. Does OD allow people to take their pet with them? Reasonable of course. Only if going long. Will be out of town for an extended time. Would love to get a doggie. I won't if I have to leave that poor creature outside during winter. I won't do that. Even for one day. Have a cat right now. They're easy.

    I have an old high school buddy who drove gasoline for many years. He thinks a job with OD is a better job than anything with anybody hauling gasoline. Thoughts?

    I'd like to ask other questions as I come up with them. Appreciate any thoughts.
  2. CasanovaCruiser

    CasanovaCruiser Road Train Member

    Jun 2, 2015
    Linehaul is much different than OTR, I wouldn't want a pet for it.
    I doubt they'll let you have one anyway, but I don't know.
    But again, I ran OTR with my dog and we both enjoyed it, I run linehaul without him, and I wouldn't bring him if I could. It's a much different type of job and would be pretty tough with a pet.
  3. WesternPlains

    WesternPlains Road Train Member

    Sep 1, 2017
    On this listing with OD. They say you could be out of town for 'extended periods' of time.
    Does that mean I could end up driving to another terminal. Then having to stay there and help. Or run around to other terminals before I come back here?
    Geesh... they must have 40 or 50 trailers at this terminal. Maybe 18(?) doors to load/unload.
  4. carramrod32

    carramrod32 Heavy Load Member

    Sep 7, 2008
    It would be running terminal to terminal, drop and hook. The most physical work you will do is hooking and breaking sets apart. Doubles that is. They will put u up in a hotel. I'm not an OD driver myself but if you can get on with them, go for it. Kinda the holy trail in trucking.
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