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    Feb 27, 2012
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    Do we have any agents that have pharmaceuticals to haul with reefers, I’ve never seen any on the board but I had another BCO aa&e driver said we did. Just thought someone would know for sure on here.
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    Mar 5, 2016
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    There are some.

    I hauled out of McKesson Memphis as a team and also as a solo. My Trucking Company had contracts with McKesson for that kind of freight, particularly the high dollar million plus loads. It was adapted to my thinking that is all I would do if I get back into this trucking. Nothing else.

    What you can do is show up at McKesson for example, spend a day photoing the dot mc numbers on the doors of the trucks coming to hook onto loads going out and then google them to find the carriers. Contact the carrier and explain you are interested in hiring on to haul pharmacy loads. If you are professional and nice about it you will get a chance to do this.

    If you get into this, there are certain behaviors you will want to learn. It goes without saying if the drug dealers in Memphis had a clue to whats in that unmarked trailer my life is over. So they don't ever get a chance to find out.
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    Guess he missed those loads by a decade
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