Post 9/11 GI Bill and Training

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    Oct 13, 2019
    I am a 19k and 92r OIF Vet, (60% post 9/11 eligible) presently attending Southwest Truck Driver Training School in Phoenix, AZ. I am really liking it, but when I checked my VA benefits the school used 3 months. I have only recieved two payments $283.04 and another for $41.50 and the school recieved $4,153.20 and these were all paid on the same day. If the school uses 3 months of benefits, I would think I get 3 months of BAH at 60%? Or do they just pay me for only the 3 weeks I am in class? Does anybody know?
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    Keep A eye on it. Spouse's school; off 65th and University took FFE's money and the VA's money and when we doubled check on the third month we learned the ins

    Check with them frequently enough as to make them feel unale toput bill into collectiosn wtihout calling you or you call ing them

    Thats how we found out that FFE failed to pay the ohter part of the tuition.1800 dollars mWAG all gone. She was a good student ec.
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    They will only give you the BAH for the actual weeks that you are in school. Mine was 4 weeks and that’s all I got.
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    I assume your talking about the stipend you are supposed to receive? Yes you will only get the money while your enrolled in some kind of class. Is the class 3 months long? Seems to me that the school took WAY more money out of your 911 than was needed if you are done in 3 weeks.

    I would contact the GI Bill support folks and talk to them. If I'm reading it right, something to me seems kinda off.

    Post-9/11 GI Bill - Education and Training
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    Sure has changed for the better over the years.
    When I went to cdl school, the GI Bill wouldn't pay anything because the school was too short; two weeks or 10 working days.
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    You are attending a private institution; therefore, the amount of money charged by the school determines how much your GI Bill will be charged (monthly) but you will only receive your allowance for the time you are there. Contact 888-GI Bill1 if you have any questions but this is perfectly normal for private school attendance.
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