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    Nov 27, 2018
    Burns, OR
    Bought a couple more old trucks for projects, the 70 is a one owner and has all paperwork including log books and weight slips. Tire guy on the receipt still works there, Tiny was all sorts of suprised to see the light blue coe roll back into town(my house is on the truck side of Les Schwabs)
    36BD4691-622E-4741-94D0-CD11E769870B.jpeg 6FCE0C3C-CF1F-4CF6-AA6D-0E98C8F19255.jpeg C74829BA-151A-4FBB-B17B-B9B9F99D6157.jpeg 1226BD4D-9611-474A-A227-BC1D89905EAB.jpeg 6AC7C981-0C16-4D94-9E2A-2AF668F3A340.jpeg image.jpg
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