Reefer Trailer Weight

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    It's the Tu-Flo 1400, I think it's a four cylinder. I paid about $360 for a Bendix reman compressor for my Cat last year, you might do a little shopping around. I replaced it myself, it really wasn't that bad, I would hope they wouldn't charge more than 2-3 hours for it.
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    Utility trailers are lighter then Great Dane.

    The heaviest truck in our fleet is a 2004 Volvo with 24.5 rubber and a tri-pack. With 1/2 tank of fuel she scales in at 18,500.
    With the Utility Trailer we can haul up to a 44,200 lbs load with 1/2 tank of fuel on board.

    When he is pulling the Great Dane our max cargo load is 43,500 lbs

    We also have a 2005 Century with 22.5 low profile rubber and with the same Utility trailer we can load up to 45,500 with full tanks of fuel.
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    That seems a little heavy for a utility reefer 17,300 lbs empty and 18,000 for the dane
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    I have a 2001 Great Dane,53' reefer,
    the title states gross weight is 65,000, and the trailer weighs about 13,500 with half tank of fuel.
    yes, then I could put 51,500 in it!

    Inside measurements are :
    52' 10" long X 100" wide X 9' high,
    a slightly larger reefer trailer than most,I think.

    total weight of tractor w/this trailer at half tanks of fuel is 36,600 , and I typically load to 79,500, with a net weight being put in the trailer of 42,900,
    ( I actually load 43,000 pounds),

    When I load heavier to 43,500 , I only use 1 tank, and I have not been overweight at the scales in any state.

    hope this helps,

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Utilities are lighter. I think the weight is on that metal tag on the front.

    Anyways, I can haul 44,600 and I pull mainly Utilities and a few Great Danes.
    The majority of my heavy weights are around 42,000-43,000 . I haul it all from meat, frozen groceries and produce. Produce tends to be your heavier ones, but you'll rarely go over 44,000. Maybe a 2-4 times a year is all I'll deal with an 80,000 or more load.
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    Jul 5, 2010
    how about swapping tractors for an ant-eater t-600 or 660, a lot of reefer companys are buying those, transam, and john christner, but thats more money, i know your truck is paid for, i tryed
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    I would like to know what guys have found in the lastn2 years that no one has posted in this .....I'm looking for new truck and maybe new trailer later and would like to know what these new trailers are at 2011 and up ..... I can't believe that I am complaining about what little I can haul and I'm way liter then all you guys and want to go even lighter ...... I have 03 t2000 with 05 wabash 48ft spread reefer just put supers on drives still have duals on trailer and I'm 33600 full of fuel ..... Today I just loaded water got 45500 in the box scaled out at 78500 with half to 2/3rds full of fuel I WANT MORE PAYLOAD!!! Lol ..... Anyone see primes eco49 trailers from what I understand they can scale withn49k in the box the trailers are light and they speced the tractors cascadias 48inch bunk short dd13 Detroit with a 10speed and supers .... I just can't push myself to buy a short bunk and a cascadia... But am aiming fr my new truck t660 to be about 224 inch wheelbase 62inch bunk with a full locker 23k single axle with a 20k pusher 18 speed Cummings and supers and it came in at 16100 without fuel ..... I need to try and get those specs lighter before I order this thing .... Good luck to me
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