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    Does anyone know of any trucking companies with really good rider programs that will hire recent grads? I understand there will be a training period for @ least 5 weeks and that's fine , scheffer trucking allows childrren under 4 yrs as long as you have a over 18yr old none cdl holder. To watch them, but u have to have gone to one of their approved schools or have 6 month experience which I dont have. Does anyone know of a company with a rider program like scheffer
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    I would say that most carriers out there have some kind of rider program. Ideally you really don't want to take young children out there with you. It is a dangerous career and a lot of stuff can happen.

    With that being said, most carriers are going to make you pay the rider insurance and also most companies will only allow riders during the summer months. Also most have age restrictions and is usually around 12 years old and up.

    I think you will find that if you do take a rider with you the are more than apt to not go back out for a second round! Riding in a big truck for thousands of miles, days on end, when you aren't driving isn't the most fun. Not to mention you have to really get along with that particular rider very well. On the other hand it nice sometimes for the driver to have the company of a family member or even to take out their kid for a learning experience. On another note, its tough to do any sightseeing or really take any time to enjoy the scenery. When you are out there driving you are usually running pretty hard and don't have much time for the whole tourist thing.
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    Theres not a lot of companies that have a rider program like crete/schaffer that will let you take them right after your hired... schneider does but you gotta run with them for like 90 days and keep a spotless record, ie. no late loads, no tickets/accidents... ect in those 90 days... I know werner lets you take a rider right after training, but werner is a not so great company to work for so its really up to you. Plus if you take a female that is not used to setting for a long time it can get kind of aggravating with the getting up all the time.. i gotta go to the bathroom.. ect.. been there done that not gonna do it again lol
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    I don't know of any company off hand that will let you take a rider until you have completed your 90 day probation period. Some longer (like 6 months to a year). Like Ironman said I would try to avoid companies like Werner or the other top 5 mega-carriers ie; Swift, CRST, England etc.... Crete/Schaeffer is an excellent company to drive for! If you are interested in Crete make sure to call them before signing on with any kind of CDL school. Crete will only accept students from certain accredited schools. They have pretty strict hiring guidelines but if you can get on with them it will be well worth it. Not sure about their terminal locations but I do know their main one is in Lincoln, Ne and they also have a large facility here in Central Florida about 20 miles west of Daytona Beach.

    Another really good company that allows riders would be Central Refrigerated. I have personally driven for them and highly recommend them also. Don't make your decision based upon just other's suggestions. Make sure you take the time to do your homework and find a company that is going to best suit your own individual needs.

    Good luck...
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    How old are the kid(s) ?
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