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  1. Bobinator

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    Sep 17, 2021
    This is my opinion. River City Logistics, out of Winnipeg Manitoba is a company everyone should stay away from. They pay an O/O 75 % of the gross,( so they claim) and you pay EVERYTHING including oversize permits. They have ridiculous deadheads, in that they deadheaded me 687 miles to pick up a load they paid $2.00 for, and I paid for the oversize permits, insurance, plates, IFTA and every single thing. Their "dispatcher" Sam doesn't know paper from piper, and has no dispatch skills. Madison, the owner, is also someone not to be believed, and Eric the "business manager" lies about what your potential earnings might be. He'll tell you, that you'll be paid 2.15 to 3.20 per miles, but you'll never ever see it. try to negotiate with them, and they'll do what THEY want to do, but not what's good for you! They charged me for everything including tarps, straps and bungee cords, and I never saw a paycheque! Again, thus is my opinion, and my opinion only!
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