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    I see so many (Dump Truckers) in and around Kansas City driving like idiots, I know every Company has BAD drivers but these guys take the cake, just one out of at least a thousand times i've seen Dump Truck drivers-driving very Dangerous, today in East KCMO by I-435 a said trucker droped the hammer when he seen a car pull out in front of him with plenty of time to make it across the 4 lane road (30 mph) and tries to hit the car, I never ever drive like that, when I see there may not be enough room I always slow down. These Dumpers need to be cracked down on and I hope the DOT, both Local and State start. This is not some thing I want to report as we all can and do make mistakes and I am also a driver who is far from being perfect but I am always tring to improve, but these guys are WAY TOO DANGOURS. Thank you.
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    That's common all over the USA.
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    agreed, tha 10 wheeler dumps be ROLLIN, just another reason we gotta drive for every body else, including other truckers
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    Wait until you drive around a can hauler in the KC area
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