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    So I have begun my new adventure at SAV Express out of Minneapolis. I have been here a little over three weeks and so far everything is going pretty good. I will try to list here some things off the top of my head.
    First of all they don't hire very much. They are a smaller company of about 100 trucks. Trucks are Freightliner Cascadias. Pretty well-equipped with fridge onboard navigation systems and satellite radio. They have 7 paid holidays IF you work on the holiday. Paid at $120. 1 week paid vacation after one year and two weeks paid vacation after 2 years. After 5 years it's three weeks paid vacation. Health insurance is about $190 per month for yourself. Deductible is $3,500. However preventive care is free. They offer pretty much any kind of insurance you can think of and the prices are pretty reasonable.

    They say between 2500 and 3000 miles per week. So far that is proven to be correct. I ran 2900 miles my first week. 2780 my second week and 3215 my third week. They run all 48 states but most of the freight is South and Southeast. Lots of Texas and lots of Georgia. But again you may go anywhere. California and most of the West Coast is very sporadic. Very little Northeast. Pennsylvania is about as close to the Northeast as you will usually get.

    Pay is $0.42 per mile. With reviews every six months. Detention is paid after 2 hours at $15 per hour. Layover pay is $150 per day. No touch freight. The front office is very friendly. There are no cameras in the trucks. Very little micromanagement. So what's the bad? Well so far there are some very small things if you really want to call them bad. There is no 5th wheel release in the tractor. It is done old school by hand. They bought new trucks about every 3 years. So you will not get a new truck. I got a Freightliner with 360,000 miles but is in really nice shape. They have a great maintenance program and most of the trucks are under warranty. At this time they do not offer a 401k match. But I am told they are looking to match in the future. If you want a pet in the truck they will require $1,000 deposit. That's really about all of the bad I can think of. As I said before they are nice people as far as I have seen. The miles are very good and they keep you moving with pre plans. As far as I can tell they are a decent company to work for. Maybe that will change in the future who knows but for now they seem very legit.
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    How much experience do they require? Is it van, reefer, etc.?
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    Oct 4, 2006
    North Carolina
    Dry van. 1 year otr experience.
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    Hope this one works out for you . You have had a rough spell.
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    So no in cab 5th wheel release. Poor baby has to get out and pull the handle.
    Give me a break.. you still have to get out and pop the airlines and light cord, plus crank down your landing gear
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    They also have some hoppers hauling into Hastings MN flour mill.
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    First of all I wasn't complaining about pulling the 5th wheel. I was posting it as general information so anyone considering may know that. Some people have limited mobility and back problems and may not want to drive a truck the does not have 5th wheel release. People like you are the reason people don't like to post anything in these fourms. But thank you for your smart ### comments.
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    These forums are not for the thin skinned lol.
    I've seen sav around and they're equipment always looks good .
    Just for comparison and I'm glad you mentioned they're insurance ..I get health , dental and vision at my carrier for 25.00 a week with a 500.00 deductable...single coverage .
    Hope it works for you ! Good jobs in trucking are getting hard to find my friend .
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    Good luck with the new gig, they sound light years ahead of Beacon!
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    Jan 19, 2016
    Good luck Smurf I read your threads keep the updates coming.
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