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    I agree the company should try and get the driver to a terminal as close to his home as possible and it'd be great to give the driver a way home however it should not be expected and drivers need to be responsible also.

    I'm not the type that's going to leave it up to a company. As I said I'd rent a car and go home.
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    Sure, route him into the closest terminal. Definitely at least provide a bus ticket home under all circumstances.

    But route him into the terminal most convenient for his next job? Or provide transport from the bus station home (or closest terminal)? There are limits.
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    Nope... but I can pay for myself to get home. Sorry, to hear your in a rough spot.
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    parksmart is an extra battery bank to run an AC unit for cooling. heat should be from the standard espar hearter under the bunk, IT WILL COOK YOUR BRAINS. it's controlled by the little square black controller under the bunk switches. ON, HOTTER, COOLER controls. it runs 10 hours off of half a battery charge with just truck batteries, and sips diesel, so with parksmart it should be fine unless have too many flatscreens and vibrators going at once. you sound like a clown fish. worst case scenario you can drive in circles for 30 minutes and keep an eye on the drive clock to turn it off if it trips on, there's your heat now go to sleep.
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    Ha ha ha ha!
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