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  1. Rocknroller4

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    Nov 25, 2015
    Anyone working for Schneider have any idea what this Jetset position is? It's for tanker but my guess is they train you in Houston and then you're out in the tanker but you fly home for time off and probably slip seat correct? I hear tanker is kinda messy anyways right?
  2. Bob Dobalina

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    That subject has been covered somewhere before and you can probably find it by using the search function. It's basically flying to an area of the country where they need you and doing temporary assignments there. Maybe ask the Schneider Forum on here.
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  3. SlimPickens

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    Aug 28, 2015
    Bob Dobalina is correct.

    Jetset accounts put you in a position where you will almost never have a permanent truck. They will fly you out to where they need drivers for the time being. Be sure to expect slip seating on top of never being home on time.
  4. exit #4

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    Oct 20, 2007
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    I did this for six months otr van. It's recovery, although I was lucky that the trucks were in decent shape. You might get lucky and get your truck at an OC. Pre trip that truck to the nth degree. Also, check that all the stickers and registration are current as well as the permit book. Every truck I had the permit books were wacked. Some so bad that Safety threw them in the trash and I received a new one. Take pictures of any damage inside and out, and send them to your DBL. The trucks I drove were '16 Freightliners. You will be limited to what you can carry in your suitcase so that means no fridge, no cooker,etc. Keep all your receipts for baggage fees, cab fare, and anything like light bulbs or things of that nature. Good luck getting reimbursed. I found that it was better to stay out for a month instead 3 weeks because it meant less flying. I ran east of I-35 as far north as Maine and as far south as Jax Fl. No accounts with the word Dollar in it. Mainly drop and hooks, relays, some live load/unload for their regular customers. Walmart, Target, Georgia Pacific, International Paper,Kimberly Clark, etc. I quit because it was getting old lugging all your stuff from airport to cab to truck every few weeks. This is what I experienced. Also Windex, paper towels,and Clorox wipes are a must.
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    I recommend bungi straps too. If you get a hull that has had the interior abused, the doors will not stay shut and you will want to strap the heifers down. Just a thouught.
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