Should I take this 1099 job?

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    Dec 9, 2019
    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I have been reading this forum for a lot of time and I want to thank you in advance for the wonderful job you do at helping people here. My dad just got his CDL A License with Hazmat endorsement a week ago. He has been a bus driver for 24 years, so no semi experience. He had to switch from bus because that's what he did in the country we came from but here in the Northwest that's not viable since they require a few years of part time work first. During trucking school my dad was one of if not the best drivers there and many instructors were pleased with his skills. Thus, one instructor referred him to a company that is run by a conational of ours. So, I am going to lay out what my dad was offered and my question to you is if he should take this job or not. I did extensive research on the topic but I am still not sure. This is for driving company tractor and reefer by the way.

    • 60 CPM as the boss was happy with my dad's experience and good words from his instructor(normal starting pay would be 45 CPM at the company)+30CPM training pay
    • trainer and dispatchers also speak our foreign language so as my dad is not the best at English this will help make sure he adapts well to the work environment
    • good transparency? The boss of the company showed us pay stubs of his drivers and showed how much they were driving
    • 1099
    • 1 year contract
    • $250 withdrawn from each paycheck up to $1500 for insurance deductible in case of preventable accident(the money will be returned when he leaves the company)
    • no employer-sponsored health insurance(we can get it for $350/mo)
    • no workers compensation(we can get occ acc for $150/mo)
    • west to east coast runs which my dad isn't used to(2 week trips with a couple days hometime) and I heard Washington to Connecticut can be a hard route
    The numbers:
    Estimated 2800 miles/week @60CPM would mean $1680/week=
    $80640/year gross pay
    -$4200/year health insurance
    -$1800 occ acc
    -$23000 taxes(no income tax in WA)
    =$48640/year net or $4000/month net

    I am not very skilled with taxes but these are the numbers I came up with after researching what a 1099 entails(yes I know the tax burden was thrown on us) and in the end after accounting for taxes paid on time and health insurance and occ acc paid by us, I still think the money is good for his first year as a truck driver. This position will most likely be only for his first year unless it turns out to be really good. Looking forward to what others think! Thank you for your time!
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    Oct 20, 2019
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    If he can't speak English he needs a job that doesn't have a requirement to understand English. I.E. not trucking.
    Also, unless he owns the company (O/O), running on a 1099 is illegal.
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    Dec 9, 2019
    He can speak English(I just said he is not fluent like a native), he had to say 9 pages for the pre trip. Also he worked in downtown for 1 year as a flatbed truck driver. Let's leave the language out of this, that was just a personal pro for him.
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    NO, get a job that pays on a W-2, stay away from 1099 jobs at all costs.
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    Dec 9, 2019
    Thank you so much guys! My dad just called 2 of our friends and they told us to stay away from those foreign companies on 1099... Can't thank you enough!
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