Sleep apnea

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by rumbarrel, Feb 18, 2008.

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    cpap police what are talking about I'm still sneaking into my jeep -n- hiding from the mattress police after ripping the tag off it after i bought home :biggrin_2559:
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    What does buying illegal substances have to do with this discussion???

    Stick to the topic at hand; Cpap machines.

    The funny thing is this thread has been stagnant for 6 months because the comments I made are irrefutable. There is NO law regarding purchasing a cpap machine OR adjusting the settings.

    If you have sleep apnea educate yourself and learn how to adjust the machine yourself.
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    The way it usually plays out is you tell your doctor. Your doctor refers you to a respitory threrapist for a sleep study. Once you fail the sleep study, they refer you to a home medical equipment company.

    They are all in cahoots and take advantage of the insurance thing. If you take it on your own to buy one online you can't get a compliance report and the RT probably won't talk with you again because you broke the chain.

    Later on you can buy a replacement online. But in the beginning you have to play the game and get raped.
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    Once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and a cpap machine has been purchased then by all means educate yourselves on how how operate the machine and adjust it. If you are uncomfortable taking responsibility for your own wellbeing then by all means spend your money and go see the doctor that prescribed the current settings. Discuss your situation and get new settings prescribed. Take the machine to the 3rd party vendor who sold the unit to you and present the new rx settings. They will adjust the machine (takes about 1 to 2 minutes) and then take it home. Hoefully the new settings work right the first time. Otherwise you will have to get another appointment, pay some more money to see the doctor and repeat the process over and over until you find the "correct" settings for your level of sleep apnea. Practice makes perfect and after spending several hundreds of dollars you "might" get it right.

    The new cpap machines today have downloadable cards and in some cases can be wirelessly accessed to verify compliance. Otherwise a simple check of blower hours and usage hours will determine whether the machine is being used or not and for how long each night.

    I also believe this is a major money making scheme for sleep clinics, repiratory therapists, and the vendors that sell cpap supplies. I have decided to cut out the middle men and keep my money in MY pocket.
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    Hi friend,

    I spend a ton of time studying nutrition and health. Sleep apnea is often related to a thyroid disorder.

    That said, conventional doctors are generally very bad at treating this illness.

    I would strongly encourage you to see your local naturopathic doctor. (They go to graduate school for four years, just like conventional doctors).

    Actually, many chiropractors know how to take care of this problem as well (believe it or not). Though I would encourage you to call around before making an appointment with one. (Ask the doctor, "Have you had much success treating sleep apnea?")

    Personally, I suspect that a good naturopathic doctor will be able to help you cure your sleep apnea... at which point a truck driving career will be no problem for you. :biggrin_255:

    Hope this helps,
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    REALLY........My Chiropractor know's nothing about it . Try again.:biggrin_2551:
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    You cant buy them online without a perscription. Look on ebay and you wont find any machines, just accesories. And here is a quote from

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    I don't think all chiropractors will be familiar with it, but many of them are well versed in disease and nutrition. Sleep apnea is often related to a thyroid disorder and there are many chiropractors who know how to bring the thyroid back into balance.

    Fun fact: Chiropractors know a lot more than just spines and bones. :biggrin_255:
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    Thyroid is not 100% cause of sleep apnea. All my junks still in working condition and I have SA. Cause...I got a neck like a 15 point buck during rut. loose weight or gain neck stays the same 19 inches....
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