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  1. BigRam90

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    Aug 2, 2019
    So I’m talking to a company out here in Northern CA that hauls ocean container from Turlock to the Oakland Port. The dispatcher for this company told me I gotta be willing to go around the Livermore scale if I was little over 80000. She also said they’ve been doing it 15 years and have no problems and if the driver gets caught the company takes the full responsibility.

    i have a hard time believing that because I’d be willing to do that illegal go around I imagine I’d eat the consequenses for that.

    what are your thoughts?
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  2. BigRam90

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    Aug 2, 2019
    If I’d be willing*
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  3. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    When I ran containers for Maryland and VA with a touch of PA now and then again I carried a standing 100K overweight permit from both states. Most of the time we breached that permit so bad. Hence my handle. Always too #### heavy.

    Get your company to cough up a standing permit. Then with that in hand you can be pleased to go where they need you at whatever weight. Tell them that paying a little dab of Benjamin for a permit is a sight easier than paying say 3000 dollars against a 135000 load like it happened to me once. (My permit was laughed at that day and I ran the maryland scales which was not a good day for anyone, not to mention two particular bridges that were not strong enough to take the load)

    Never again.

    Any time a company tells you to run scales or around them, stand your ground and tell them that you aint going around nothing. If they know boxes are coming in heavy then cough up enough permit to take that weight whatever it is.

    Document this name names, dates times and photographs of qualcomm messages etc in writing if any telling you to break scales etc. You might have to quit for cause on this problem. Its YOUR cdl that is at risk. And 50 more waiting for your truck.

    Finally if you need a nudge. Some states write overweights against you personally. Thats your money wiped out and then some. What good is it?
  4. D.Tibbitt

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    Apr 26, 2013
    Well the thing is u can get permits for those containers if they are overwight, idk what the cost is . But if a company to cheap to do the legal way , what else are they cheap on ?
  5. Numb

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    Jan 30, 2012

    "a little over"??

    from the port? other countries don't care.

    to the port? no excuse.
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  6. Hegemeister

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    Jun 16, 2012
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    It's news to me that an overweight permit would be issued for a container. Isn't overweight only for a single piece that cannot be reduced in weight?
  7. WesternPlains

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    Sep 1, 2017
    There are many people in companies who expect you to violate. It’s not their license on the line. I could say; They expect you to sacrifice your license to their company. That is why I’ve left 3 companies the last 9 months.
    Protect your license above your job.
  8. buddyd157

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    May 25, 2017
    New England area
    it's YOUR CDL, not thiers.
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  9. "semi" retired

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    Apr 16, 2014
    high plains colorado
    Welcome to the container world. A little over? 15 years? Must go around scale? Co. assumes responsibility? Job opening? Looks a bit foolish when put like that, no?:dontknow: I've hauled some ball-busters off the rail. The shippers mentality, "well, who cares, it's just going on the rail", putz, I had to get it from the rail to the customer, or visa versa. They don't care about that, it's why they use the rail in the 1st place.
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  10. Linte_Loco

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Central FL
    I don’t know about CA. But in TX and FL I can verify blanket overweight permits on otherwise
    Flatbed, don’t know about containers
    legal loads Lowes and Owens Corning. Some restrictions of course such as interstates
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