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    Apr 19, 2014
    I tried this Hammer App about a year ago. It routed me on a wild goose chase through a parking lot and drive ways when the route was easy and straight forward on regular roads. I ditched it then thinking “Is this supposed to be some kind of joke or what?” So I got this trip from Houston Texas to Bayonne NJ. This week. So I downloaded the app again to see what it did for this trip. Same results. Even gave me “ No route found “ and “This route contains dirt roads” ....Really??? I tried it several times along the way A truck route on dirt roads...??? Deleted the app again..!! This is an easy route. All interstate highways! This app has been out long enough to be doing better than this...!!!
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    Same reply to your post in the other thread:
    Eh, the dirt roads warning is based on the map data provided by a third-party, it’s almost always a false alarm. You should be able to tap on the warning and it’ll show you the section of the route that might be dirt roads, you can even check it on satellite view to confirm. If it’s an interstate route like you say, there’s no reason why the navigation would take you onto dirt roads.

    Either way, if you could give the origin and destination to Adele, that’s be great. She’ll lookinto it with the dev team to diagnose any error.

    Thanks for giving Hammer a shot, sorry for the bad experience.
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