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Discussion in 'Superservice' started by NickA, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. NickA

    NickA Bobtail Member

    Sep 17, 2013
    Union sc
    Going to orientation in Atlanta GA 11/20/13 by greyhound bus. Hoping I can get through all this and start my driving career. Wish me luck
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  2. Jrdude5

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    Mar 26, 2013
    New York, NY
    Good luck keep us posted looking forward to reading.
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  3. driver7702003

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    Nov 12, 2011
    When nick gets there he will have alot to post about the lies old trucks and pay rate also if he wants to get any home time he should look else were to start a driveing job usa truck is alot better
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  4. NickA

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    Sep 17, 2013
    Union sc
    ive jus finished up day 1 of orientation. pretty decent so far. i stay at the ramada in atlanta not far from the airport. did physical and drug test and a phsical test doin various workouts. im a little out of shape so my heart rate stayed at 90bpm for 15 min. but theyve paid for everything so far the hotel, bus ticket, food and gave us 2 vouchers for quiznos for $10/day the trucks...well theres not a whole lot on the yard. id say abt 65% is new volvos freightliners and internationals. but there are some quite old trucks. they told us there score was high i think it was the csa i aint sure. but due to unsafe driving. ill update when i can. i dont have a smartphone or laptop to post as much
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  5. Tomegg

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Thanks Nick. I might be joining Super Service after the 1st of the year. I'm looking for the best match for areas, pay & hometime. Super Service might be it.
  6. NickA

    NickA Bobtail Member

    Sep 17, 2013
    Union sc
    Haven't been on in a few weeks, so let me catch up. There were 4 other guys at orientation. All of us quit. I drove for 2 weeks and my trainer which was supposed to be one of their best didn't seem to care to teach he just liked talkin on the phone and fussin at me for not knowin stuff. But I'm new so what you expect. We had a new freightliner it didn't have 100,000 miles on it. He left me in the truck 2 days to go do his personal business and didn't seem to care that the company said to never drop a loaded trailer in a truck stop but we did so he could get a rental car. I hate I quit but that place was a joke. The other guys who were in orientation were experienced drivers so after day 3 they got their trucks ALL were 2005 freightliner with 800,000 miles. One guys truck was vibrating so bad after he passed 45 mph he could barely hold the steering wheel and they seemed to not give a crap cuz he sat over the weekend to get it fixed which was a laugh. Don't expect a new truck unless they phased them out goin into the new year unless your a trainer. And another thing. All 3 days I was at orientation the same 6 or 7 drivers were there waitin on a load. Some for 3+ days. Seems like only trainers were gettin miles I may be wrong but my experience says other wise.
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  7. Swamprat55

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    Feb 16, 2014
    Pawtucket, Rhode Island
    I received a pamphlet about Super Serve today. They sounded pretty good. I completed and submitted on-line application. Then I found this thread. The last post is 12/27/2013. Is anyone out there familiar with Super Serve?:biggrin_25516:
  8. rastlin242000

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    Mar 12, 2014
    Chesapeake, VA
    What's up fellow driver's I'm starting the orientation on Tuesday 5/5/14 wanted to know if the company is all that it says and if anyone is getting any miles there
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  9. Aminal

    Aminal Heavy Load Member

    I work there. Message me and I'll give you the straight scoop. I just saw this forum so I'm still checking it out. Sorry about the OP's experience. They do have their issues. The one about 800K mile trucks is one but they are buying new ones all the time and if you do get a high milage truck (my first had a million 3) they pay you an extra 3 cpm to put up with the quirks and it won't be all THAT bad. I certainly have driven worse for less money. Hate to hear about the trainer. The one's I know are excellent. I've never been told not to drop a loaded trailer at a truck stop as a matter of policy, though I have always avoided doing that when I can. Have no idea why dud got left in the truck. They pay for a motel.

    Anyway. They're OK. not the best but by far not the worst either and pretty much the stuff I don't like is with all bigger companies. I been around enough to know what just goes with the turf. Pretty much nothing that doesn't happen pretty much most larger companies.
  10. Aminal

    Aminal Heavy Load Member

    I work there. Depends on what you were told. Older equipment? Yes but it ain't all THAT bad and they'll either fix it up for you or let you choose another one. They give you a list on what's available and you go check them out and pick which one you want - so don't pick a crappy one. Pick the best and stay on them about upgrading and they will once they see you're gonna stay a while.

    Pay and benefits are OK. Not the best, not the worst. Think of them as kinda a marriage between a mega and a mom and pop. Some of the good and bad that just go with each wherever you go.

    Hometime is two weeks out and two days in. Been some weird sheiz going on with load planning until April 1 when I transferred to the Do It Best dedicated so I don't know if they got it worked out. There was a new guy they hired to be over it and he was supposed to be making some needed changes. Don't know how that worked out. A friend of mine that's a trainer and I talk every Friday and he said it was getting better. Still, it's OTR dry box so it is what it is. I got home pretty close to what it was supposed to be. Close enough for a big fleet.

    Not the best but by far not the worst by a long shot and the people are real nice. Any mistakes in pay get fixed immediately. If something is bugging you about your truck or trailer they'll fix it. The company takes students. The equipment, especially landing gear takes some abuse, but they do fix it.

    Run you strictly legal on e-logs and they don't want you splitting sleeper berth unless it's a dire emergency and a super critical load will be late and they don't have anybody close enough to repower it.

    They didn't BS me about anything and they have done everything they said. Definitely no BS just to get you in. Might not be everything you expect but no BS lies. If they say the do it, they do. I liked that.

    They went through a whole big thing when They bought Gainey out and when that happens it takes 3-5 years to get the new company all adjusted and running like they want it to. I think they're in year 4 and coming along nicely. Still got a ways to go but they are doing the work and making the investments to get there. Takes time. It's kind one of those 2 steps forward and 1 step back things. Not making progress as fast as you want to but still making steady progress.

    I can't complain. I might be going back to the OTR fleet if the money on this dedicated gig don't pick up pretty quick. Not looking forward to the UPS and FedEx overnight hot shot runs but hey. Gotta take the good with the bad and that's about all I'm really not crazy about. They don't force NYC. They'll ask but it's totally no sweat and no consequences to say no. Same with turning down a load because of an HOS e-log issue. Apparently the load planners don't see a truck's HOS when they are assigning loads - they do that, not the DM's. Sometimes they'll give you a load you just can't run legally. Gotta turn it down and no you won't wind up with a crap load as punishment. Maybe because that's all they had from where you are but not as punishment. They don't do that.

    Didn't sit a whole lot and if it was over a weekend they paid me. One of the last things they do at Orientation is bring out a pay agreement and have a private conversation explaining exactly what and how they will pay you and they put it in writing and they stick to it. No BS there either. I guess that's one of the things I really do like about them. They are nice. They treat you with respect. They don't BS you and when they make a mistake (payroll IS human) they bend over backwards to fix it.

    The stuff I don't like pretty much goes with being OTR in a dry box fleet with a bigger company and it's everywhere you go. Just gotta deal with it.
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