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Discussion in 'Stevens' started by nascarchuck, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Im thinking that I read somewhere that you could deduct a specified dollar amount per day that you were on the road. Is this the case or did I dream this? Im wanting to say its like about $50 a day.

    Also, to take the meal deduction you either need the meal receipts (which I dont have) or the IRS has a chart that will allow you to take a dollar amount according to a chart. That deduction depends on where you were at that particular day. Would I be able to get with "Mother" and get a print out of my elogs for last year?

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    Your talking about per-diem. You can take 80% of 59.00 per day you were away from your home. Yes, you should be able to get copies of your logs. You will need them as proof for claiming per-diem. per-diem IS the meal deduction. You dont need to keep any meal/grocery reciepts, just take the per-diem.
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