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    Current rate per mile to run kllm Frieght is 1.02cpm. They say there's a sliding pay scale, but good luck getting any of that Frieght. Short hauls that pay more per mile usually go to company drivers. They pay a hefty fuel surcharge, based on weekly DOE index, but that only covers 80% (or less) of your fuel.

    Truck notes run from the high 500s to mid 600s range weekly. Other fees add up to about 300 per week.

    Very few drivers get over 2500 miles per week bcause most of their customers won't let you reschedule for early delivery. So, after fuel and fixed expenses on an average week, you're looking at around a 1000 take home, with taxes still to pay.

    Not worth it if you have a family to feed.

    Theyre begging for trainers. They say you can double revenue because you get paid all the student's miles, But by the time you wait for the appointments, pay for the fuel and increased truck note(truck note goes up because of the extra miles), get the student prepared for team driving (minimum five days supervised training, per company policy), pay your taxes, and take a week and a half vacation, you're averaging 1400 a week BEFORE TAXES.

    Not enough to take care of a family, not doing this job.

    Reefer frieght is going for 3 dollars a mile right now. A 2500 mile week, even without fuel surcharge, should be netting a kllm driver over 2k a week, even with the expenses of the lease truck. These guys are getting bent over.
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