Top 10 do's and don'ts for new truck drivers

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by lil daddy, Jan 24, 2007.

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    That's got to be the most positive thread I have read on any trucking site. There was no Super Trucker talk just plain flat out nice advice for us newbies :biggrin_25519:

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    May 11, 2007
    Awesome post! thanks everyone.
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    About signaling for a truck to come over,I don't do it for a number of reasons.Sometimes the other truck comes over to quickly instantly making you guilty of following to closely and if that cop sitting on the side of the road did'nt see the pass your *******.And also what if one of your headlights doesn't come back on and your 5 miles from a weigh station at night?That truck that you were courteous too will be long gone.Also when I learned to drive 35 years ago I was taught NEVER to follow another drivers signals,hand or otherwise,those flashing lights could be an untimely short!
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    Jul 6, 2007
    I live in s. c.
    dear Lil daddy,
    that is all very good advice except the CB when a driver gets used to the road you will know when you can turn it down to a whisper. mostly near the towns. where the some local 4 wheelers have CBS too and some like to try to cause hate and discontent. I would run the CB at night most of the time it does help when it is bad weather or a chance of a bear out there. I ran barefoot all the time I was on the road so I did depend on the CB to help me be aware of the fuzz and stuff. I like the dot and fuzz but they have a job to give tickets and my job was to be sure they didn't give me one.
    All so about the dimming or not dimming of your lights. I have heard it argued both ways so much I just do it and take the flack I never talked on the CB after dark! Lady's that is very dangerous to let anyone know where you are after dark if you run alone like I did.
    I was laid over in Ontario, Ca. and went in for supper at the 76 after I parked. The next morning I found out a woman was with her husband drinking coffee and talking. She got tired at about 2 in the morning so she went back to their truck the next morning I woke up and their was cops ever where. She had been strangled and thrown in the dumpster.
    Single ladies just use your good sense when you go potty or get food. if you feel that little twinge that things aren't right be extra careful.
    I also carried a potty with me and it was very helpful on the long hall at night.
    I did drive a lot at night it just seem to work out that way. I never carried any type of fire arms or weapon. I had my tire thumper that is all.
    I was never accosted or had any trouble with anyone.
    also I think the most important thing is for newbies to remember their load is very important but other drivers have as much right to the road as we do. treat the 4 wheelers and other truckers like you want to be treated. with respect and kindness.
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    nicely said.
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    I live in s. c.
    very good advice. also during your cold weather inspections you might put some glad hand treatment in the glad hands and reattach them and then pump your brakes to get the stuff into the rear brakelines and air tanks to keep them from freezing up over night. I had to switch out trailers a lot so I never knew if the trailer had been parked for a long time or if had been winterized yet.
    You might have seen some drivers with frozen up rear brake linings and trying to brake them loose. It is hard to do when it is 4 or 10 degrees below freezing and your locked up.
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    Jul 6, 2007
    I live in s. c.
    just a note. Sometimes when you get to running hard it isn't easy to get into the shower line before time to hall buggy.
    But I always carried a gallon of water and soap and towels and wash cloths. I also had a small Tupperware type bucket. When I got to where I could I would close my curtains and take care of my personal cleaning. then just throw out the water.
    also put on clean cloths,
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    Nov 18, 2007
    get into the habit of using your tractor brakes only when you park. The trailer knob isn't for parking anyway, it's an emergency valve. In freezing conditions , if you set your trailer brakes there's a good chance they won't break loose and you'll be stuck. Set your tractor ( parking brake ) only.

    never use your engine brake on wet roads... rain, snow, ice, etc. your drives can lock up causing a jacknife. you have more control over your braking by using the regular brake pedal. slow down in bad conditions

    when running up an incline in the snow and you see your trailer getting away from you, push the clutch in momentarily and let it back out. this should help straighten the trailer out. this also tells you to slow down. you can only correct the trailer swing if it's not more than about 10 degrees out. so pay close attention in the snow, especially when you're empty.
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    These all are great posts and I thank you all for posting them....
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    The only thing that I would add on to the conversation about signaling others is if you cause an accident with your signals.... you could be held responsable.
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