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    Dec 13, 2013
    Im new to this and hopefully i am specific enough with all the details and m using the correct forum.
    I have a frieghtliner truck/tandem axle/detroit diesel 12.7 liter
    Eaton Fuller trans rto1691ocas2 /serial # a1020638/rear configues rockwells(but not sure of the ratio)

    It wouldnt shift out of neutral,so the mechanics changed the x/y shifter, now have reverse and neutral,but no foward gears

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any help in this matter
    Icc trucking
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    Aug 22, 2012
    Time to change mechanic
  3. wore out

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    Jun 5, 2013
    I'm sure he missed the slot or didn'y have it in neutral. And yes time to change if that baffles him
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    Feb 15, 2011
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    Several Independent issues can affect the transmission: air system contaminated, i.e. O-rings & seals at/around the range valve r contaminated by oil. Check the air filter regulator for funk inside the thimble sized metal filter. finding the problem move backwards and begin with cheap things: Not changing the air dryer cartridge when it should can increase oil...i.e. funk gets into the tranny. The air compressor, could be on the early stages of going increasing the oil pushed thru the air system. yet, still pumping air properly.

    Electrical: 6 gauge alternator wire running to the starter could have a break or strands of wire broken inside the insulated wire. (prefer 2 gauge wire) (the area of focus find wire broke or stressed: underside of motor at the two support brackets. The transmission wiring harness may need to be replaced. Electrical terminal connections to trannys computer +/- have been yearly cleaned. Battery terminal connections have been yearly cleaned.

    Sensors, may need to be replaced. ($25.00) there cheap. cheaper to instruct them to replace then diagnose & replace or misdiagnose and not replace...sensor is preforming in the iffy range, tested within perimeters.

    Older Truck problem solving: When making repairs, look at how long ago a part has been replaced. Do not replace a part because it was replaced AND it can go bad. (that is a verbal game). Replace, all parts of a node that have an Affect on the problem, (what if this part was bad) before doing a job the second time. Know the costs: parts and the area your working on, how long parts last, system parts that can have the same affect as the projected repair. By focusing on replacing those part, your truck will operate heavy mileage weeks without seldom a minor issue surfacing.

    Recall, wrecker bills are expensive and cost more then parts. Versus, Replacing parts in a node, is not unlike insurance, where your investing in your future trucks performance.
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