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Discussion in 'Transport America' started by tmellen58, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. tonka223

    tonka223 Bobtail Member

    Sep 22, 2010
    Starting with TA monday, being a 30 yr vet, and 58 glad to get back to work:biggrin_25525:
    All the majors wants kids, not us season drivers. All companies are like the next
    just got to do your duty whoever your with. See you on the road :biggrin_25526:
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  3. geezer1960

    geezer1960 Bobtail Member

    Jul 2, 2010
    boswell, in
    Good luck tonka223!! I have been with TA for about 1 yr and I am 50 yrs young and they treat me real well!!
  4. Racecar17

    Racecar17 Light Load Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    What do they pay?(with 32 years of driving?)
  5. dixiedog

    dixiedog Bobtail Member

    Nov 12, 2010
    camden arkansas
    My brother is a driver instructer their he has worked for several diff companys but he has told me several times they have been more than fair you get out of it what you put in it , I am prior Air Force and am starting CDL school Feb 2010 mine is already paid for by uncle sam. I cant get on with transport america as they dont hire out of Arkansas I think you will be fine
  6. NO-WAY-OUT!!

    NO-WAY-OUT!! Bobtail Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    How did they get you guys to orientation ?? Renatl car or fly and i start orientation with them on 1/17/2010 cant wait to get back on the road again after doing local work which ,to much jumping in out of trailers and in out of cab !!!! Also any info on their ttractors what they give you as company drivers !!! Thnaks
  7. Xcis

    Xcis Medium Load Member

    Jul 9, 2008
    Bridgeport, Pa
    Where are the major/busiest/highest volume freight lanes for this company?
  8. CA_Medicine_Woman

    CA_Medicine_Woman Light Load Member

    Jun 3, 2009
    Oak Creek, WI
    Okay, answering as many questions as I saw to this point... I started with TA Dec2010

    Your first truck will likely be an older one with a couple of issues, but you can make decent money despite this. Those rigs with the old QC's will be on paper logs, those with the new MCP200's will be electronic. Supposedly, the whole company will be electronic by this Summer. Rigs are all FL's. Trailers are van, some with LP heaters. Espar heaters in all trucks, NO APU's (kinda a sore point with me I've learned to tolerate at the moment).

    Idle times are strictly monitored, and too much idling results in a conversation with your FM the first time, and I've been told it can result in other consequences, up to and including termination. There is a QC macro for getting credit for necessary idle time (ambient temp too high/low, or required idling for heater trailer operation, that sort of thing). Your FM will verify the weather when you idled through the National Weather Service.

    Trip scanning is available at most truck stops and all terminals, and if you have a laptop with a scanner, you can use the TransFlo software and scan from the truck. Those with MCP200's in the truck can also scan using a portable USB scanner (limited availability through TCAM, can buy your own through Office Max, Staples, etc). Trips completed and scanned by Saturday midnight pay the following Friday.

    When I hired on, HazMat was required to be in process within 45 days of hire (test taken and passed, background check begun). I was told HazMat is required to remain employed. You get a $0.01/mile raise upon obtaining HazMat endorsement, and an additional $0.04/mile for all paid miles while under a HazMat load.

    Comdata fuel cards, fueling network is mostly Pilot/Flying J. You are expected to follow the fueling recommendations in the QC (as I discovered the hard way), as well as the routing. FM's will work with you if the routing instructions in the QC are not realistic with load and customer expectations (I can often find shorter and/or quicker routes), but most routing is geared towards savings on fuel costs.

    Payroll pay period is Sunday-Saturday, paid the following Friday, direct deposit or Comdata. You are expected to enroll in online payroll documentation to get your pay information (through ADP). Advances of $105/week WHILE UNDER A LOAD are available to cover road expenses. Paid lumpers in most cases (some customers require driver assist, but I haven't run into that yet) via automatic QC macro.

    Realistic miles per week is 2200-2500, some do more, some less.

    Company is VERY STRICT on safety and compliance, and in particular tracks closely those of us still on paper logs. Your CSA score will be evaluated and discussed with you during orientation to highlight any past problem areas (for most, that means logs).

    Orientation is straight forward and mostly automated, and includes a USDOT physical, drug test, and physical fitness test. I was dealing with recovering from serious health issues and passed, so don't let that one get to you. DO NOT BE LATE ANY DAY FOR ORIENTATION! We were late twice, once my fault (I had to drive a rental car in a blizzard to get to Ft Wayne, and ended up making everyone late my first day). Dress professionally, as you would for work. You don't have the job until orientation is completed and you get the keys to your assigned rig.

    I'm probably the only driver that has had home time issues at TCAM, and the company really does care about this. Everyone else I've talked to say they get home on schedule. You have OTR (out about 10 days, off 2-3), regional (out 6-8 days, off 2), and lifestyle (14/7 and 7/7) which is slip seat. The lifestyle fleet takes some waiting to get into, as you have to be matched to equipment and drivers who are also on it at your primary (nearest to home) terminal.

    Benefits for the 1st 90 days aren't the greatest, but after are industry standard. If you're like me and believe in Murphy's Law (I still think he was an optimist), then get the crappy insurance until the good plans kick in. They have per diem, but it is voluntary, and TCAM is honest about how it effects you.

    My experience with the FM's has been very positive thus far. You get one for the first 45 days or so that has a small board, to help you get adjusted, and then you get assigned to your permanent FM. 15 plus years of driving, and this is the first company I've worked for that thanks me for doing good work (which lets me know I actually am doing good work). And, they actually work WITH you and LISTEN to your ideas, suggestions, etc. Even night dispatch rates high with me (especially since I like to work at night).

    This is my personal experience, so take it for what it's worth.
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  9. txladycando

    txladycando Bobtail Member

    Dec 7, 2010
    dallas, tx
    To CA Medicine Woman ... not all trucks have Espar heaters. Mine doesn't.
  10. tewks

    tewks Bobtail Member

    Jun 21, 2011
    anyone have any info on the 14/7 program?
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