Turnpike Doubles

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    I don't think many people read this sub forum but here is some info. Mexico uses a lot of LCV's. Unfortunately there is no requirement for the driver to have any special training. There my be some regulations on trailers being inspected annually but it does not happen. Some of the trailers are 40 plus years old and very tired. Often you will see trailers in the ditch where the frame just split in 2 or sagged so much it hit the tires. Doubles are technically prohibited bur they are everywhere . The dollies are almost all homemade. The air brake setup is homemade as well. It takes more than 5 seconds for the last trailer to apply the brakes! Tons of accidents with many deaths. The Feds are trying to eliminate them. But that creates another problem. If they went to strictly singles the number of rigs on the road would go up by 10,s of thousands. Traffic would come to a standstill Some of the double rigs have a GCW of over 160,000 lbs. maybe even much higher. Well the Feds are looking for solutions. One politician wants them to install speed limiters set to 80 KPH. Does this sound familiar? The drivers of these rigs are unreal. They whip into major cities and change lanes as if they are driving a little Kia. On the highway the trailers often get into a sway situation. This is on many roads that don't have shoulders. And we think we have problems!!!!
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