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  1. lupe

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    How often do you stop for breaks? Whats the typical truck schedule like?
    What about Ideal schedule?
  2. Bent Wrench

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    Aug 11, 2009
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    Trucking is not a typically scheduled job, chaotic would be a more accurate description.

    Too many variables HOS, weather, loading and unloading delays, appointments, breakdowns, traffic, etc.

    Also depends on what you haul, Flat beds don't usually get unloaded at night. Most shipping hubs are 24/7 but not all receivers.

    Short miles breaks up the shift and you will run to 14 (on duty), long miles you run out your 11 (driving). Throw in a reset when it fits or when you have to (short miles probably not). Home time if you are lucky enough.....
  3. kdryan

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    Nov 22, 2005
    Some days I feel the need to stop every 200 miles. Some days I drive for 11 hours straight. It all depends on the urgency of the load and my bodily functions. :) It may seem like you're just dipping into that truck stop or gas station for a quick soda, but make sure you add in the time it takes you to find a place to park and get to the door, even if it's only at the fuel island. In a car it can take one minute. In a truck it can take 5. When you stop some place, it may only seem like a short 15 minute stop, but then think how far down the road you would be if you hadn't stopped.
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    11 Hrs straight? I couldn't do that. Do you piss in a bottle or something?
  5. Kittyfoot

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    You will often have to. Stopping for nappy or to look at the flowers is not a legitimate excuse for arriving late at the customer. At a busy dock you will be sent to the back of the line if you're late. That means hours sitting for which you will not be paid (it's your fault). Repeats get you at best the crappiest loads 'cause you po'd your dispatcher or outright dismissal.

    If it's due to a medical condition, get yourself a local/city delivery job or a different career.
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    In trucking the only thing you can plan on is the plan changing! As far as stopping every time you leave the interstate plan on at least 20-30 min. Unless it is a rest stop. If you have a little bladder than don't drink a lot while you are driving, unless you are peeing in a bottle. Stopping all the time can really eat up your miles. Of course you could be like one of those O/O's that fly by everyone at 80mph and usually pass you 8-10 times a day.
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