unemployment, or FFE?

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  1. shovel

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    ok, ive been out of trucking for a long time. I have been a auto mec for the last 10 years and now im out of a job to no fault of mine. Im getting 460 a week from unemployment. i have to go through a refressure course to drive and FFE has a two week course and then with a trainer for the next 4 to 6 weeks makeing 405 a week until training ends. after training i will be northeast regional and home 1 to 2 times a week. I called alot of trucking comps and most want you to do the whole course over again and pay like 7 grand for it. I have a verry clean cdl and dont want to take the whole course again thats why i might go with ffe. should i stay on unemployment or jump on with FFE ? If i go with FFE and it doesnt work out then i wont have my unemployment. i have two kids to take care of and im afraid to take that FFE job after what alot of people say about FFE on here. should i just buy my time with the unemployment or take the chance?
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    Oh no no no no ..keep your unemployment as long as you can, why would you work for less than unemployment? go find some under the table gigs,freelance on auto repair or something and save as much as you can untill the checks stop coming in ..Is what I would do
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    It depends on what your future plans are. Unemployment is to bridge the gap until you can find other employment. Staying on it because its convenient is no better then being on welfare aka assistance, food stamps, etc...
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    I came back on the road after 11 years of being off the truck. My CDL school offered free refreshers and I took the CDL test again and got my CDL reinstated. Swift wouldn't hire me due to my cpap machine and I wound up working for an owner operator leased to a small fleet here in El Paso. Drove for them (husband and wife) for over a year and would still be if their truck had 3 major breakdowns and exhausted their savings to the point they could no longer afford to fix it. I then got hired at my current employer. If you can find somebody whose insurance was not picky about recent experience, go for that.
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    yep. smaller companies. look for them. if you can drive a truck. that's all they'll care.

    in utah, we used to do 2 contacts a week. now it's 4. and we get interviewed once a month now. make sure we're doing what we're supposed. they'll verify that you actually made contact with jobs. and if you turn down a job. you can forget unemployment.

    used to be a lax system. but with the high unemployment. there's no more skimming the milk. you take what you can get or get nothing at all now.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    PLEASE keep your unemployment going because you may find out that FFE is not a good fit for you. the employment office work by quarters if you start in the middle of that quarter you will not have to worry until next quarter. then if they do catch up u will be solid in your job by then. this is what I no caz I went thru it. I went thru 2 trucking companies till I found the right fit all while on unemployment. I had to pay back 3 checks as their calculation. not telling u to be dishonest but do what is best for family and house. but if you ever have the misfortune of being on unemployment again in that state u may have to jump thru few hoops but its worth it caz u no your family taken care of now. I don't know where u got your cdl from if you got it from a school most places have a refresher coarse for like $50 a day. I went to road master they have a refresher class. that way you could possibly avoid signing a contract. talk to your state they may have program with you being on unemployment. (talk to unemployment office)
  7. jtannillo

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    Jul 21, 2012
    FFE stands for Finally Found Employment so who knows
  8. federal221

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    just letting you know FFE was baught out by KLLM
  9. Privy

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    I did the refresher course with ffe and finished my year up so I owed nothing it was hit and miss as a company driver.I had to dig into my savings to make it through the year finally towards the end after 3wks straight of taking home less than $450 a wk I left.

    I tryed to get on with ltl that is were the money was not tl but they just kept shining me on so I gave up and went elsewhere.As far as I'm concerned the company drivers got screwed but who knows kllm runs all tl now so maybe its better.
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